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'Cause you know how to waste my time.

So I was totally going to wish Star Wars a happy 30th anniversary, but I just missed it offically. foreverseenstar and I did our part though. We watched Episode III tonight. (Dude I forgot how sad and creepy and scary that movie is.) We would've watched the original trilogy but we just did so recently so, figured we'd change it up. foreverseenstar bought season one of Instant Star today so we watched the first disc of that, too, and I'm more than a little bit in love with this show. I like don't want to watch more because I feel like I need to spread it out until Season 2 comes out on DVD or Season 4 starts airing on TV. And the music is made of awesome. foreverseenstar sent me "Waste My Time" and now I have it on repeat.

So we didn't go to the gym today. But we did a lot of shopping. Got a lot of stuff for the pirate pARRRty tomorrow including A LOT OF FOOD AND BOOZE. SRSLY, COME TO OUR PARTY AND EAT AND DRINK A LOT!

So want to hear some exciting things?

I finally found shoes for the wedding! They're nothing special. Pretty plain black strappy heels which was what I wanted. The heel isn't too high so hopefully they'll be comfortable enough for long wear. I can finally check something off of my list.

They had Smirnoff Source at the package store! That's right, kids... alcoholic water! I did a study on it not too long ago, and Smirnoff is convinced it's going to be like the next big thing. I was seriously doubtful, but it's actually wicked good! It tastes like watered down Smirnoff Ice. It's less assuming and not as hard on the stomach. The downside is the price tag ($8.99/four pack) and the low alcohol content (3.5% alc/vol). In it's defense though on the alcohol content though, the bottle is a lot bigger than other FMBs (flavored malt beverages), so you'd prolly get just as drunk off of one bottle of Source as you would a bottle of any other FMB. I also purchased some pomegranate flavored Smirnoff Ice, but haven't tried it yet. I think it's funny how I haven't really drank FMBs since I first started drinking but now I find myself drinking them all the time. (If you haven't tried Smirnoff Raw Green Tea yet, RUN don't walk to your local packie and get some.) I guess all things come full circle. I guess it helps that I'm exposed to all these innovation products all the time that peak my interest. Tomorrow though... ALL RUM, ALL THE TIME.

I won an icontest! I have icon awards from kayleestill!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Aren't they pretty? All of the icons and some more are posted here at icons_wtf so please go check them out and let me know what you think.

And SHIT. I got so into making icons tonight that I definitely forgot about the jello shots and cupcakes I was going to make tonight. I should probably make the cupcakes tonight since I'll need to ice them and stuff tomorrow. Gah. There is much cleaning to do tomorrow, too. I hope the roommates are prepared to be woken up early to pitch in. Heh. Okay, these cupcakes aren't going to make themselves. Later, skaterz.
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