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K-Town, USA Today, the Hope Diamond, and a Young Coconut

So, I think I'm giving up on getting any studying done today. There are way too many distractions in my apartment right now and I am too exhausted to focus. So I figured I will get some other less important things that I am capable of focusing on out of the way so I can just do hardcore studying tomorrow.

First, let me do a TV run down for the week. Not really spoilery but I'll put them under a cut anyway.

Veronica Mars - I feel weird saying this but for once Piz didn't annoy me. I'm still not in any way condoning Pizonica, but Piz was alright in this episode. Mac and Max = hot nerd love. Logan is so not attractive when he's pining and depressed and... ugh, none of that. Oh and Vinny... jerk! *shakes fist*

House, MD - I LOVED this episode. House and Wilson have the best dynamic on the entire show. The most entertaining episodes involve their relationship. I think this might've been the best episode of the season so far. Wilson on speed = hilarious.

Lost - OMGWTFBBQ! !!!!EURFIGHJKXFNCVJDFK JEEEEBUS CHRIST!!! I... I I don't even know. So fucking badass. Best episode of the season, HANDS DOWN. I love love love love Ben and his backstory was made of win. I can't wait for the season finale.

Grey's Anatomy - Meredith's life really sucks. I get that. I don't think I could deal either if I was her. But she let herself drown again. And I don't think that Derek's not going to notice that. But if he breaks up with her I will honestly castrate him. George and Izzie still make me want to vomit. A lot.

So as for real life... NYC was fucking awesome. The training was useful, at least some of it was, but not going to lie I spent most of the multi-variable statistics doing crossword puzzles from USA Today, because that's what Sandy and I do when we go on business trips. USA Today crossword puzzles.

Wednesday night we got in watched Lost in the hotel room while eating and drinking $110 worth of room service. I screamed bloody murder at the end of the episode when you know what happened and I'm pretty sure half the hotel thought I was being stabbed to death or something. The Roosevelt Hotel was beautiful even though we got lost trying to find our hotel room. No, not the hotel. We found the hotel just fine. We couldn't find our hotel room. Shutup. Anyway, Thursdays sessions were good. Learned some stuff about market research and stuff. It's a small world I guess because also at the conference was a kid named Jeremy who used to work at CSRA while I was there (we didn't know each other, but we were familiar to each other so we got to talking during lunch) and a girl from my fraternity who works at SSI. Cocktail hour was fun. I mean you can never go wrong with free booze, but it was fun to talk to people. We got to talking to these two kids who work at a public opinion firm down in Washington, DC. Their line of work is really interesting and their company is one of the best, and... let's just say that they are definitely aware of that. We invited them and Jeremy to go out with us and told them we'd meet them in the hotel bar in an hour. athena2483 got out of work late and was going to meet us at dinner.

We met them at the bar where Washington DC Guy #1 ordered drinks for everyone and told us about how he's worn the Hope Diamond. I told them where we were going to meet athena2483, a restaurant in Union Square called Republic. We agreed it was too far to walk and decided to get a taxi. The bellman suggested we take a limo since we'd have to get two cabs anyway. So we did. A limo. Not like a big towncar. Like a big, white, stretch limo with a bar and twinkling ceiling lights inside like you take to a wedding or a prom. It was fucking surreal. And of course Washington Guy #1 paid for it.

The menu was interesting. Lots of random noodles and stuff. I was just happy to eat something that resembled real food. The hotel we were at was the least vegetarian friendly hotel ever. Like I ate fruit for lunch because even the mac&cheese had crab meat in it. I mean who does that?! Anyway, it was meager pickings all weekend for hotel meals. Which is probably good as I'm fairly certain I consumed at least 2,000 calories in alcohol alone. So speaking of alcohol, which by the way by the time dinner came I'd already had about 5 gin & tonics. So I ordered some random drink called the Young Coconut because Jeremy and I thought it sounded amusing. Most disgusting drink ever. There were chunks of coconut floating in it and it was just nasty. I couldn't finish it. But that was okay because Washington DC Guys bought everyone sake. athena2483 eventually joined us and then us girls were able to make frequent trips to the ladies room so Sandy could discuss how DC Guy #1 was trying to get in her pants (buying her cigarettes, offering to let her wear the Hope Diamond, paying 16 year old boys on the street to do skateboard tricks for her). After dinner we took the subway over to Korea Town to go to a bar on athena2483's recommendation. (None of us knowing really anything to do in the city we pretty much followed her lead the whole night.) The bar we eventually found was very posh, very trendy, like the kind you see on TV but never in real life. (Okay I never see bars like this in real life because I never go out. Ever. So maybe they're all over the place and I'm just not cool enough to have been in any.) But yeah, we sat on white couches around a coffee table and drank shots of lychee and mango soju. Apparently I drank quite a few of them because the DC Guys weren't really drinking theirs. (I think they thought it was grain, or at least that's what they were trying to tell us it was the next morning, but I'm pretty sure had that been the case I wouldn't be sitting here typing this right now because I would've died from alcohol poisoning.) Oh and Sandy poured one of the shots all over me when she was displeased with my shot-drinking techniques. And we were the ONLY white people in the bar. Just saying. For the record.

AND I MET ALEX! FINALLY! athena2483's Alex! I hugged him. And then threatened his life. I really liked him, so hopefully I didn't come off like a total loser and make her look too much of a dope for having me as a friend. Heh.

I think from the K-Town bar we took cab rides back to our hotel and parted ways with athena2483 and Alex. This is where things get a little fuzzy, but I think I was trying to talk to the cab driver in French. o_0 We tried to get food from the hotel bar but the kitchen was closed, and I think at that point Jeremy, Sandy, and I managed to unintentionally ditch the DC Guys and we went up to our room. We tried to order room service but they weren't answering so we left a message. They called us back and we tried to order a pizza. They gave us the number for a pizza place. We tried calling, but it didn't work. So we called room service back. Clearly realizing that we were absolutely retarded and incompetent, they told us they'd have the pizza place call us. They did call us and then like 30 minutes later we had the most delicious cheese pizza delivered to our hotel room. No, I'm not even joking. Fucking phenomenal pizza. After pizza I passed out. In my clothes. On top of the covers.

I woke up 5 hours later, still drunk. Stumbled downstairs to the conference, looking like hell and reeking of booze. Sandy wasn't faring much better than I was. And let me tell you... multi-variable statistics at 8:30AM = painful; multi-variable statistics at 8:30AM while drunk = impossible. I took a nap during our break and was just hungover for the rest of the day. They let us out of the last session 45 minutes early and we were able to catch a 3:00 train back to New Haven. Jeremy joined us, though he got off in Stamford. Luckily for all of us the train was without air conditioning. \o/ So by the time I got home I was starving (only ate green beans for lunch), exhausted, hungover, reeking of sweat and booze, and felt like the most disgusting human being on the planet. And then I got no work done. But I had a shitload of fun. :) So thank you to PERT for allowing me and Sandy to go, to Sandy to be an excellent co-worker for travel, to athena2483 for showing us a good time, to Jeremy for making the trip even more fun, to the DC Guys for paying for everything, to USA Today for making awesome crosswords and sudokus that make market research training bearable, and to EB for dropping off a $570 check to my rental office on Wednesday night after I called him panicked from the train because I'd forgotten to pay May rent which was due on Thursday because he is the most incredible boyfriend ever! (Seriously, covering your rent when you suck at life is 1000x more romantic than sending flowers to a hotel room! Me = luckiest girl ever.)

And now yours truly is undoubtedly screwed and tomorrow is going to be the day from hell. No seriously, if you catch me doing anything but studying tomorrow (well really today because it's 1:00AM now... so much for going to bed early) beat me with a stick. Severely. But not so hard that I can't study. Unless you're going to beat me hard enough that it might make me miss my exam. That'd be okay. Alright, bedtime. Later, skaterz.

PS - I have been meaning to squee about this for quite some time now, but since I just got the tickets in the mail yesterday I feel like I finally can. I'M GOING TO SEE RENT ON BROADWAY IN SEPTEMBER! RENT! WITH ADAM PASCAL AND ANTHONY RAPP!! 98TURGODFKLRGODFI; MARK AND FUCKING ROGER!!!!11! *SQUEEEEEEEE* I seriously got teary eyed when I read that they were going to be reprising their roles. It was one of my saddest regrets that I never got to see them on Broadway and it is so fucking surreal that now I'll get to. (If there's any sort of understudy, I'm pretty sure I might kill myself.) But !!!!!!!!! ROGER AND MARK! MARK AND ROGER!!! ON BROADWAY!!!! GAHHHHHHHH! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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