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I'm sick and sunk and I blame myself.

Well, I was in a pretty good mood today. I'm not so much anymore now that an email just went out saying that the girl who started over four months after I did just got promoted. This is the promotion that two months ago I was not ready for, but am supposed to be ready for by the end of the month. I'm not saying she doesn't deserve the promotion, I'm sure she does. I mean she was just put on one of the most obnoxious studies in the company, so that alone probably makes her deserving of a promotion, but I think I've done just as much as she has. So it's like, was I really not ready for the promotion two months ago? Honestly, the position is not any different than my current job description. The only difference is more pay and a "senior" put in front of your job title. It' just... *sigh* I don't know. It's irritating. And annoying. Just like everything else abou this job. Maybe I don't deserve the promotion. Maybe it is really obvious to everyone around me just how much I don't really want to be here, and therefore don't put in any kind of effort. So I really shouldn't be upset, because maybe if I tried, I would've been promoted back in February. It's just SO HARD TO CARE at this place.

So now I'm kind of upset with myself, when I was pretty happy with myself at the beginning of the day. Let's see if I can reconjure some self esteem... The exam I thought I did poorly on? Got a 97. (It was actually a 96, but she screwed up her math and gave me an extra point, and I think I would've looked like a tool if I'd pointed it out to her.) So I think it's quite safe to say that even with my two missed lab assignments, I have a very solid A in that class going into the last exam.

Also, I went to the gym yesterday! I haven't been since... March? I definitely didn't go in April. I actually really liked it. It felt good to go. EB went with me and actually did an elliptical (he usually does the treadmill) so I got to spend some time with him which was doubly nice. I really need to actually start using my gym membership or I am never going to get in shape for Dragon*Con and these weddings. Need to get back on with the diet, too. I've been hanging out in the same 2lb range for too long now.

As far as television goes, I would love to comment on either Lost or Bones but our frakkin' DVR had them still listed as "scheduled recordings" last night at 11:30pm. I don't know what gives or if they'll ever show up but just RAH. Stupid DVR... I totally bet Piz was messing around with the programming.

Speaking of Piz... I still don't have many coherent thoughts about this week's Veronica Mars. I hate Piz/Veronica, but I think I hate Logan/Parker even more. Didn't they start going out like a couple weeks ago and he's already throwing her a huge birthday party with a picture cake? And the picture cake was almost more nauseating than the last 2 minutes of the show. Things I did like: Sheriff Mars being the biggest badass ever and firing half of his department. Crooked Neptune deputies just got pwned by Keith Mars!

Another good thing... I was not really excited about going to The Bamboozle on Sunday because it's taking up an entire day of my weekend, which I don't really have time to give, and it's all teh way in NJ, but I looked at the guest list today and noticed that Taking Back Sunday is going to be there! I had no idea!!! That's so fucking awesome! TAKING BACK SUNDAY! \o/ Very excited. I was listening to the playlist I made of the bands are going to be there, and I'm pretty excited too now for Linkin' Park. I haven't listened to their stuff in so long I kind of forgot how much I like them. So... I am offically now excited about Sunday even though I probably have 38024723 things I should be doing.

Alright, I should finish some stuff up before I have to go. Having dinner tonight with EB and his cousin. Did I mention we're going to a restaurant with like the least vegetarian-friendly menu ever? Heh. We'll see how this goes. Later, skaterz.


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May. 4th, 2007 12:33 am (UTC)
Things to make you feel better:

I am downloading Lost and Bones.

Rent/Anthony Rapp


AND Kate posted! Yays.

And um... that's it. But anyway.
( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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