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Please don't go, weekend... please.

Really? I can't even deal with life anymore. I'm so... done. I hate that it's Monday and that I can't even call out because I have so much shit to do. And that the weather is going to be shitty again by the end of the week. I just... I really can't deal anymore.

But hey, when life gives you lemons what do you do? Make pointless memes!

Comment, and I will name you 3 interests from your list, and 3 userpics and you explain them in your own post asking the same of your flisters.

Had a massive obsession with this in high school. I'm fairly certain my friends and I included glitter in about everything we did, including massively and unnecessarily intricate signs for hockey game. But hey, i'ts okay because glitter makes everything so much prettier.

I love hockey. Not as much as I used to. I used to be a gigantic hockey fan, having had season tickets to the Hartford Wolf Pack (AHL) for four years. We used to stalk hockey players, too.... which I have to say were some of the best times I had in my life.

Ancient Romans
I took Latin for four years in high school and I'm sort of a nerd for it now. I still make sure to send my Latin friends "Happy Saturnalia" and "Beware the Ides" text messages. Again, some of the best memories I remember were in Miss Kell's Latin class. :)

by _running_alone_
One of my most favorite cat macros either. I saw it in someone's journal once and just about peed my pants. This icon came in handy when I got my wisdom teeth pulled.

by kaaatie
These kind of icons are just hilarious. There's a mess of them going around for SGA and they're all pretty fantastic. I thought this icon would be perfect when I am plotting someone's demise. And I do love me a good shiny Simon Tam icon.

by ladytiramisu
This is one of my favorite scenes in Veronica Mars. It's also a perfect icon for all Starbucks-related entries.

I really really REALLY want to cancel tomorrow. :( Later, skaterz.



Apr. 25th, 2007 07:17 pm (UTC)
Hahaha... yeah, no love for the puckbunnies.

foreverseenstar and I actually wrote hockey fanfiction about our favorite players on the Wolf*Pack. It actually got wicked out of control and spiraled into a crazy universe where we were writing stories about their grown children. We have profiles and timelines and... we were a little obsessed. :)
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