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Is the money worth your soul?

The Subway by work has banana peppers now! \o/ They still don't put enough veggies on, even though that's all my entire sandwich ever consists of, but at least they have a bigger variety now.

Also, I stalked our Drag Racer and found out where he lives. I reported his building number to the leasing office. The woman I spoke to said they would send out a letter. I still think slashing all of his tires would be a more effective way to stop the obnoxious behavior. If I hear him one more time, I'm calling the police, because now he's been warned.

Bombed that quiz yesterday. It was like little information I had retained by studying leaked out of my brain on my way up to class. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now except keep up my good exam grades.

I need to find a better place to study if I study on weekdays. The library is not quiet. Even in the quiet section people make noise, like the moron who started whistling for no reason yesterday even as I and the couple other students who were in there stared hatefully at him.

They were doing some sort of LifeStar thing though, and I got to see a LifeStar helicoptor land right outside the library. That was pretty sweet. :) I think it'd be wicked cool to be a nurse on a LifeStar copter.

I want to like quit my job and go be a paramedic or an EMT or like anything but this. I am back to my whole mindset where being a Starbucks barista would be preferable to this. Only problem is... I need the money, and I'm banking on getting a raise/premotion in another two months. Can someone please pay me $40k a year to do something that's not this?

I was writing an email to mafiadon earlier and it occured to me just how much PERT is like Azkaban. It sucks your soul out a little more each day, ruining lives, making you forget that there might be other happiness in the world, because all you can think about is how unhappy and miserable you are at work. It keeps wearing you down to be here until you either leave or get the dementor kiss. (Seriously, I think there are like 5 employees here that are happy so I really feel like this is an extremely appropriate, albeit geeky, metaphor and not an exaggeration.)

I have a massively disgusting huge evil soul-sucking questionnaire that I should be working on right now, but I can't bring myself to start. Ugh. Iz it can be weekend tiems nao? :( Later, skaterz.



Apr. 20th, 2007 12:31 pm (UTC)
No, it really doesn't. I know September is going to roll around and I'm going to be like, "Wait, wasn't it May like yesterday?" *sigh*

PS - Your icon is made of awesome. :D
Apr. 20th, 2007 09:17 pm (UTC)
Why thank you.
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