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The Boston Bruins suck at life. Discuss.

SERIOUSLY, PIZ, STOP FUCKING WITH MY HOT WATER! I finally got out of bed this morning only to get a rude wake up call from my shower whose water temperature was fluctuating at 90 second intervals between arctic-polar-bear-drinking-water and scalding-boil-the-skin-off-your bones. It was AWESOME. Happy fucking Monday.

And I still have A&P homework to do. That's due today. Even though I've had like 3+ weeks to do it. Because I suck at the whole not procrastinating thing. I don't even know what happened to Sunday. I went to the hospital to volunteer, and the grocery store, and to the gym (WOOO! foreverseenstar and I actually went to the gym! If we're good for the next two weeks, I'm making a cake.) and then I don't know what. I made burnt a grilled cheese for dinner. And you know I did a bunch of other really important things like take the Harry Potter Wand Quiz (11", Ash, Phoenix Feather) and watched the House M.D. marathon on USA. Also did some research on bachelorette party options for Amie, which you know, is more pertinent than my homework that's due today. *headdesk* I did like 10 minutes of it and then was like, Meh, I'm going to read and go to bed. So naturally I'm up til like 3 AM reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when I should be sleeping. I finished Chamber of Secrets last week and I'm about 140 pages into Prisoner of Azkaban. I probably won't make the headway I was making now that books are getting longer and I'm back in school, but we'll see. I can probably finish it by the end of the month.

I'm getting a little bit obsessed with Harry Potter. foreverseenstar is going to make me robes and I'll go all out for the book party. Maybe Dragon*Con, too. I'm a geek.

So Saturday. Saturday was pretty freakin' awesome. Went to Boston with foreverseenstar, Susan, Amie, clarkdreams, and her friend Kim for the Rangers-Bruins game. Susan met us at our house, then we drove to Amie's and met up with her and Eric, and went to Boston from there. We made good time actually getting to Boston, but maneuvering around the city was another thing. We needed to get Eric over to BU for a Robotics competition and then get to the Fleet Center from there. Multiple phone calls and have a tank of gas later, we eventually managed. Case in point why I need a freakin' GPS because none of us were smart enough to get any form of directions.

We didn't get to our seats at the game until there was only like 2 minutes left in the first period. Naturally the score at that point was nothing - zilch because the Bruins and the Rangers are like the worst hockey teams ever. We got up almost immediately after sitting down and were subsequently harassed by the guys a few rows back. I was excited because for the first time I could buy beer at a hockey game. I haven't really been since like high school or Freshman year of college, so this was an excited prospect for me. After waiting in line for forever, the guy behind the counter (who ironically also had an August 11th birthday), told me that you had to be 25 to order beer with an out-of-state license. Boo! clarkdreams bought me beer though. So, it was sort of not as exciting as I thought it would be. But drinking beer is good. And I got drunk quickly because I hadn't eaten anything.

The hockey during the game was sort of not very exciting. (See previous statement that the Bruins and Rangers both suck.) BUT! In the second period MY SAVVY SCORED THE BRUINS ONLY GOAL!!! WOOO! I'm so proud! I can't believe he's turning 30 this year. I remember when he was 20!!! Gah! He's so old and definitely a little more busted looking than in his younger days, but I still lessthanthree him. Did a lot of talking during the game. It was good to catch up with people because I get to see them like once a month. (PS - clarkdreams is insane and wants to plan a wedding for freakin' October. THIS October. As in like 6 months from now!) But yeah, the game. Bruins held their lead until the last two minutes of the third period which was when, as foreverseenstar puts it, gave up their lead "like a $2 whore". And then there was freakin' Overtime. And then a freakin' shoot out. Which the Bruins, naturally, like the fuckups they are, lost. Go figure the one time I actually root for the damn Bruins. *shakes head* Everyone on the fucking Bruins sucks. Except for Marc Savard.

clarkdreams, Kim, foreverseenstar, Amie, Susan

foreverseenstar and me

me, clarkdreams, foreverseenstar, Amie, Susan

That's right, y'all better represent the only player on your team who doesn't SUCK ASS.

So anyway, after the game, we took and annoying ride on the T to the Prudential Center and went to the Cheesecake Factory. So much love for that restaurant. I had the avocado egg rolls. I LOVE their avocado egg rolls. And I had some coconut chocolate cheesecake that had like a macaroon crust. And I was so full I almost vomited all over Amie's car on the way to clarkdreams's. But it was worth it. We got to see clarkdreams's house on our way home. It's so cute! I love her kitchen, but I definitely don't know how she lives in the middle of the woods like that. I would be terrified. It was good to finally see where she lives, and we chilled there for a while. Got home way later than I ever intended, braving some snow as we left MA, but it was a good day. Well worth how exhausted I was by the time I get home. We definitely need to do more stuff like that in the future.

Okay, this entry was way long, and could I have more tags on it? I don't think so. I have to do work. Or homework. Feels like it's been forever since I've had class. I'm so not looking forward to it. Tonight... cat dissection. Ick. :( Later, skaterz.


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Mar. 26th, 2007 04:04 pm (UTC)

ROTFLMAO. That fucker!!
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