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A.D.D. like woah.

I didn't go to the gym again tonight. I suck. I ate ice cream instead. But my mouth really hurt so I can justify it. Instead of burning calories I burned a hole in my wallet instead at Target. Okay, mostly it was things I needed, so it really wasn't that bad. I'll really burn the hole when I go to Old Navy this weekend. I want to buy some new clothes and clean out my closet like for real. I probably only ever wear like 20% of the clothes in my closet, it's pathetic. Time for some severe spring cleaning. Tis the season.

It's actually almost starting to feel like it too. I can't wait to not have to wear socks and shoes. And coats. I put up my spring porch lights this evening. They make me very happy.

Will Friedle has the same birthday as me. That's pretty cool. This whole time I've just thought it was me and Hulk Hogan celebrating on August 11th. \m/

For the record, since I'm clearly sucking at the whole giving up procrastination thing for Lent, I've given up Starbucks for the rest of it. I haven't had Starbucks since the 15th. I know it's only a few weeks, but that's a long time without Starbucks. And I did give up procrastination for a little bit. Oh, and I gave up drinking straight up dairy milk or using it in anything, too. I guess for Lent, but I guess also as kind of a long term goal kind of thing. Getting use to doing without and I can make do with soy most of the time.

My name is Laura. I, and most of my family, pronounce it LOH-RA. Every now and then someone will come along and pronounce it LAH-RA. I really like that. It's a regional thing, I think it's pronounced that way down South most often. A girl at work pronounces my name LAH-RA and it reminds me of my grandmother, who being from Arkansas, always pronounced it that way. It makes me smile.

Grey's Anatomy... I was not expecting them to take that angle. Not displeased. They dug themselves a hole with the whole George/Izzie debacle and I think this is the best way they could dig themselves out. I approve. I'd like to just put out there now that I've thought Sloan would get chief all along. So we shall see what happens. Oh and Hector Elizondo as Callie's dad FTW.

Google's new theme option is amazingly sweet. I <3 Google.

I registered for my class summer class today. And I went to the sketchiest gas station in Manchester. You couldn't pay at the pump, and you couldn't even see how much gas you were pumping because the dials were all clouded over. The cashier was smoking behind the counter. And he had lots of non-tobacco pipes for sale. Oh, and I saw a crazy old guy ravenously eating snow on the side of the road.

Also, I am the biggest loser because this just made me cry.

How oh how was today not Friday? Can I cancel tomorrow? I feel the need for a mental health day coming up very soon. I have a headache from my stoopid teeth. Bedtime... and by bedtime I mean not bedtime because I'll be up for the next few hours reading Harry Potter and get not enough sleep which is what has happened every other night this week. How am I so awesome? Later, skaterz.


Mar. 23rd, 2007 04:34 am (UTC)
I long for the not needing the lining in my coat at this point... it can keep raining (because if it's like last year it won;t rain for like, months once it stops and I'll look out the window and fear the grass will burst into flames), but it needs to stop being cold. Once school's done I'll bitch if I still need my coat. Right now it's useful for things like bus passes...zip up pockets are much handier than the abyss that is my messenger bag.

Will Friedle has the same birthday as me. That's pretty cool. This whole time I've just thought it was me and Hulk Hogan celebrating on August 11th.

And me! Not that I'm famous or anything.

And that gas sation seems like the creepiest thing ever...between the whole description and crazy old guy.

Glad you're enjoying HP. As much as I like the movies, I love the books.
Mar. 23rd, 2007 01:45 pm (UTC)
My tote bag is also an abyss, but I can't stand putting anything in my pockets aside from chapstick and mittens.

Your birthday is August 11th?!

Yeah, I was a little weirded out. And by a little I mean, I thought I'd stepped into a Stephen King novel.

I just finished The Sorcerer's Stone last night. :D The books are so much better than the movies!
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