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I am cranky. Today is not going to go well. I can just tell... it's one of those days that I never should've gotten out of bed. And I am much too cranky considering it's Friday.

I need real coffee. Well, I have real coffee, what really I need are better coffee accouterments. This nondairy creamer and sugar isn't cutting it. I need my soy milk and splenda.

I also need a nap. I have been trying to get more sleep, going to bed earlier, but The Powers That Be keep working against me. I keep having the most f'ed up dreams imaginable. So what sleep I am getting is not really quality. Also, Lola has made it her personal mission in life to wake me up at 4:45 AM. NOT COOL.

Blah. I have a crapload of work to do today. I should probably do it. And then this weekend I have a crapload of homework and cleaning to do. Fun. But! At least the weather is supposed to be really really nice and I get to see Kristina! So it won't be all bad. Just got to get through to 6:00 and then I'm making a veggie pot pie for me and EB. Note to self: GO TO THE FREAKIN' GYM THIS WEEKEND YOU FAT LARDASS! Okay. Later, skaterz.

EDIT: I got me some Starbucks. I just couldn't function without it. Maybe I can be a human being now.
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