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So pissed. I just burnt my damn popcorn. Grrr... even after teh_gandu had just blogged about burning hers and I was trying to be extra careful. It's those silly minibags. Hopefully it won't kill me because I just realized that it's dated June 21, 2006. I've probably eaten older things before. And burning it probably doubly made sure any bad bacteria or whatnot was killed, right? Right. I knew I burned my popcorn for a reason.

What will probably kill me is when this building comes crashing down around me. The 80 MPH wind gusts keep threatening to take this entire creaky ghetto building down. I've been terrified to go outside for fear I might get blown away, but it might be safer. Kind of wish I was down in the basement right now.

If that doesn't kill me, the office manager probably will once she tracks down that I am the culprit who made the entire building reek of burnt popcorn.

So I didn't intend for this post to be about burnt popcorn. I didn't really intend for it to be about anything, but Kristina wanted me to post something because she was bored at work. I don't know what to write about though, so I guess I'll write about Barack Obama, who is probably the last person Kristina wants to read about, as she is like hardcore Republican.

But oh well, cause I got nothing else.

I am about 80 pages away from finishing The Audacity Of Hope and the more I read, the more I am inspired by the Senator's words. I love his vision for the country and his plans for getting there. I love that can point out flaws in both parties and is not all "Democrats rule and Republicans drool!" I think the fact that he's willing to put bipartisan politics aside to achieve his dream for a better America is what I like best. I just really love everything he says. The entire time I've been reading I'm constantly thinking, Yes! Exactly! I just heart Barack Obama. To show my love for the world I purchased this lovely tote bag. Haha I thought the design was cute. I'd get it on a shirt, but I'd totally never wear it outside of the gym, and I have more than enough gym shirts considering I go about twice a week and have enough to fill two drawers of my dresser.

I also donated to Obama's campaign today. I wasn't going to because I'm really poor right now, but oh well. Now's the perfect time to donate because every donation you make gets matched. I actually made a promise to match someone's donation. So you should go to www.barackobama.com and donate today. Maybe you can agree to match my contribution! :)

Okay, holy shit it's 5:20. Where did the day go?! I still have a bunch of work that I planned to get done today that well... did not get done. So I'm going to see how much I can do in the next 40 minutes. Ready... break! Later, skaterz.
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