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Peta's State of the Union Address Undress

Probably not going to start being all about posting videos in my lj, but I feel like people should watch that one. Makes me feel better about the fact that I don't eat meat. We could all do just a little bit more to improve the lives of animals.

Started watching Wonderfalls today with jadziadaxwb and I'm really sad that it was cancelled because the show is *really* good. So far I've only heard Jewel's voice, but that's okay because the rest of the show being really great makes up for her not being in it.

I also saw Pan's Labyrinth tonight and thought it was excellent. Definitely way more graphic than I was expecting, but still a great film. I loved the music. I can't get the main theme out of my head... it'so haunting.

Also, it can stop being ridiculously cold out now. Thanks. Gonna go curl up under my comforter and keep warm and get a long good nights sleep. Weekend is almost over. :( *le sigh* Sorry for the lame entry, just really wanted to post that video. Later, skaterz.
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