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What happens in Vegas...

So... happy 2007. This has been quite the year so far. I got back from Vegas on Tuesday and it's been non stop since. Work has been fairly busy, and I've just been exhausted. Vegas was exhausting. I swear I am still on Vegas time or haven't caught up on my lack of sleep yet. But yeah... Vegas was... interesting. I'll cut this just because it's ridiculously long and image heavy...

The plane ride out was absolutely terrible because of my cold. Every time we landed I felt like I was being stabbed in the ears because of the air pressure changes. I was in so much pain I was crying. I felt so cracked out by the time we landed because even though it was 11 PM, it really felt like 2 AM. And baggage claim was a disgusting clusterfuck. It felt like forever before we could get our bags, stand in a ridiculously long taxi line, and then get to our room in the Bellagio. It was just Eddie, Kristina, and I in the Bellagio, and it was ridiculously nice there, except that our room was dirty, our TV was broken, and it took forever for the bell hop to bring up our freakin' bags. Naturally, Kristina went down and complained and managed to score half off our first night's hotel stay and two tickets and two line passes to the $40 buffet. The line passes are key because the lines get so freakin' long. Anyway, it was way late by the time we actually got to bed, and by that time I'd already decided not to go to the Grand Canyon because of being sick. I am definitely disappointed that I didn't get to go, but I think I would've gotten way too sick and the whole trip would've been ruined for me had I gone. Thursday I slept while Eddie and Kristina gambled, and I think the rest did me some good. We all went over to Caesar's Palace and spent the later part of the afternoon there. I think Caesar's is my favorite because the grounds are so beautiful and everything looks like Rome.

After hanging out at Caesar's for a while, we went back to the Bellagio for the buffet. The buffet was amazing. There were just piles and piles of crab legs and every kind of food immaginable. I think Kristina ate like 20 different kinds of animals. I'm pretty sure that after that buffet she is on PETA's most wanted list. She definitely paid the price though and her eyes were clearly about twice the size as her stomach.

We had weighed ourselves earlier in the morning, and when we got back to the hotel room Kristina weighed herself again and realized that she'd gained 6.6lbs. Yes, from one buffet. Needless to say she actually vomitted from being so full.

Once our stomachs had settled we went out for drinks at Fontana, a really nice lounge that overlooks the fountain in front of the Bellagio. We split a bottle of wine and listened to a live band that was really good.

We spent the rest of the night drinking and gambling. Well, Kristina and Eddie gambled. I didn't do much gambling the entire trip, save for some Star Wars slot machines. They pretty much both cleaned up at black jack, and then Kristina and I stopped at Caramel for a drink before heading up to the room where we got a bunch of extremely delicious room service.

Day two of Las Vegas we checked out of the Bellagio and checked out the amazing conservatory at the Bellagio. It was absolutely beautiful with polar bears and reindeer and pointsettas with jumping fountains.

After that we went to the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Bellagio's art gallery. It was so amazing. It made me wish I never gave up photography in school. I love his work. Our next stop was the Las Vegas Hilton which we got to by way of the Vegas monorail. (Like Disney but way less crowded and a little creepy.) Why the Vegas Hilton you ask? Because there my friends is the Star Trek Experience and I am a huge huge dork. We didn't go on any of the rides or anything but we did have a very amusing lunch at Quark's Restaurant and Bar.

It was seriously one of my favorite things about the whole trip. I had such a blast and was so entertained the entire time. I am not really even a Star Trek fan but it was just scifi geekdom at it's best. The aliens even stayed in character the entire time. So fantastic. If you're in Vegas you need to go, Trekkie fan or not.

By the time we were done at the Hilton we met up with Tom and everyone met up to check into Treasure Island. TI is no Bellagio, but the rooms were just as nice (albeit about half the size) as the Bellagio's and the bathroom didn't even come close... but the beds... oh man they were fantastic. So we all met up and found out we had an unexpected visitor... Todd! Of course he would show up randomly at the Grand Canyon. He got to spend one night with us in Vegas, though of course I didn't really get to see him at all. We did all go out for dinner though where I had The Mother Of All Baked Potatoes. No, really. It was actually called that.

After dinner Amie, Kristina, Eric, and I went to go see Cirque du Soliel's "O". Our seats were okay, but I am kind of peeved they weren't marked as obscured view because we definitely couldn't see part of the stage. The show was excellent but I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Everyone had just talked it up SOOOO much so I was expecting to be blown away, but I really didn't think it was any better or worse than Varekai. It was not a great call on our parts to go to the 10:30 show either because all four of us kept dozing off, not because of the show, but because we were exhausted. While we were at Cirque everyone else went to Hofbrauhaus and got pretty drunk.

We had an interesting and very late and sleepless night filled with lots of drunkeness but to somewhat stick with the mantra of "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" we'll leave it at that. Let's just say that when Kristina and I went to the spa the next day it was much much needed relaxation and pampering and luxury. I really could've lived at that spa the rest of my life, and I almost bought one of their amazing robes. It was so incredibly comfortable. If I'd bought one I'm pretty sure I'd never wear actual clothes ever again. It was terrible leaving... one of the hardest things I'd ever done.

That night all of us got together and went to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. Good food, good fun.

I don't remember what we did the rest of the night, I think that was the night we went to Paris and everyone lost a lot of money. Paris Las Vegas was just like the real Paris... they were assholes carding us left and right and stealing everyones money, but the place despite all the smoke from gambling smelled much cleaner than the actual city of Paris France. They did a good job with it, and it's really quite beautiful from the outside and in. I do remember that we all passed out really early that night. We had planned to go to Tangerine, the club at TI, because Jesse Metcalf (hot gardener from Desperate Houswives, title character from John Tucker Must Die) was hosting a party there. Oh well, we were too tired. I'm not real big on clubs anyway.

The next day we wandered the strip and went in almost every casino. We went to New York New York first and I have to say that was one of my favorites. It was sooo cool how much it actually looks like New York City. There's so much detail in everything and even their fake steam hole covers emit a little steam every once in a while. It's fantastic.

After that we went to the MGM Grand. I was kind of whatever about that casino except for the fact that they have real lions inside!! OMG THEY WERE SOOO COOL! I want a pet lion! You could walk right under where they slept and it was so so amazing. Definitely one of the best things I saw in Vegas.

We walked the rest of the strip back and walked through the Alladin, which had an overrated rainstorm but a lot of cool stores (which we didn't really have time to stop in). We did however stop and get an obligatory picture taken with a pair of Elivses (Elvi?).

By the time we got back to TI it was just enough time for everyone to get all gussied up for our dinner at Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse. We went over to the Venetian early enough that we could walk around and check out that casino. It is so beautiful in there, but of course no one could afford any of the table games because it was too expensive. The canal running through the casino made you feel like you were really in Venice. We actually even saw a couple getting married ON one of the Gondolas. So very very romantic.

Dinner was fantastic. Definitely worth the money. The service was incredible, too. They practically ripped the bottle from Eddie's hands when he went to pour himself more wine. If you got up from your seat and left your napkin on your chair, someone folded it and put it back on the table within seconds. They knew exactly which utensils to give to each of us and exactly where they should go. They didn't miss a beat, it was amazing. And the food was to die for. I had Mahi Mahi encrusted with blue crab. (I know, not very vegetarian, but I wasn't about to get a side salad which was the only meat free food on the menu.) Kristina and I split a butterscotch creme brulee for dessert that was erotic it was so good. I don't think anyone regretted the money we spent on that meal (and it definitely was quite a bit)! After dinner we headed back to TI, but decided to take a ride on the Venetian's people movers first. Now they do go up and down a slope, but they don't have steps like an escalator. Picture people movers draped over a hill. Apparently they don't really bode well with four inch stilettos as Kristina proved to us, but at least Eddie had fun.

The hotel elevators were so croweded by the time we got back that we all got separated going up to our rooms. When Amie and Eric got up to our room they told us that they had just seen Jesse Metcalf down by the elevators. Kristina raced to put her shoes on and headed downstairs and I of course gave her my camera on her way out. Apparently by the time she got down Jesse was gone, but Eric and Amie pointed out his entourage to her and naturally she started chatting them up.

Freddie Mitchell (far left) who plays or played? for the Philadelphia Eagles took a keen interest to her and invited her to come hang out with them that night. They exchanged numbers and while Kristina insisted she wasn't going to break apart from the rest of us, she agreed that maybe they could get together after midnight. He thought that it was a good possibility that he could get Kristina and a friend into where they were all partying if she called after midnight. Where were they partying you ask? Yeah, that would be Britney Spears's New Years Eve Party at PURE in Caesar's Palace.

So extremely excited for the prospect of not only hanging out with Jesse Metcalf but also Britney Spears, we went out onto Las Vegas Blvd. to count down the minutes to 2007. I have to admit I wasn't too amused when we were being dragged down the strip so people could find beer, with barely room to breathe between the crowds of people, but once we settled in a place that wasn't too crowded it was pretty fun. There was so much excitement and all the fireworks at midnight were incredible. Makes me want to go to Time Square sometime.

Once the fireworks were over we all hauled ass back to TI so Kristina and I could change (and put back on our ridiculously uncomfortable heels). Tom and Eddie escorted us over to Caeser's Palace, but we couldn't get in no matter what we said to the guards. (On NYE you basically can't get into any hotels unless you're staying there.) Eventually Freddie managed to figure out where we were and paid the bouncer I think a fairly large sum of money to get us in. Eddie and Tom managed to get into Caesar's, too, though they did so by pretending their grandmother was lost inside. I have no idea why any bouncer would buy that, but kudos to them. There was unfortunately no way we could get them into PURE though, because we could barely get in. We were rushed along the red carpet and through a bunch of different VIP check points but eventually wound up in the VIP area looking down at all the people dancing below us, having people take our pictures because they thought we were someone famous. Yeah, it was pretty fabulous except that my feet were KILLING me, and I couldn't stand to be dancing, and I don't like red bull and vodka. Freddie kept trying to pawn his friends off on me too, and I'm like that's okay, I don't want to dance with your skuzzy friends anyway. My only goal was to get a picture of Jesse Metcalf, but I did one better... got a picture with him.

Yeah, it was awesome, mostly because I knew how excited my roommate would be to see the picture because she is his completely in love with the man. Dave Navarro showed up, too, but he was a dick and wouldn't take a picture with us. As the night progressed Freddie kept getting more and more clingy (and jealous and forward) with Kristina, so when he disappeared we booked it out of the club and ran barefoot all the way down Las Vegas Blvd back to TI, scaling a small wall in the process. What a freakin' night.

My feet were in so much pain the next day I couldn't stand it. Amie and Tom had earlier flights and were gone by the time we checked out. Luckily for my feet Eric rented a car which minimized the amount of walking I had to do. We had our last real meal at Kahunaville and made sure to order virgin daquiris. I think we'd all had enough alcohol to last us a while.

We finished up our trip by visiting the Tropicana, Hooters (just to see how ghetto it was), and New York New York and Excalibur. The Tropicana is definitely trashy, but the gambling is beyond cheap. I lost most of my money there, but was able to play for a good long while. Hooters was definitely gross and looked just like a Hooters restaurant (so I was told, I've never been to one). We spent some more time in New York New York and then ate some food over at Excalibur before heading back to the airport. I managed to sit on one Star Wars slot machine on the same $10 for like 40 minutes while we waited to board our plane. By the time we got back to CT at 10AM, I was ready for a nice long shower and a nap. Like I said... Vegas was exhausting, but definitely worth it. :) All the rest of the pictures, btw, are here.

It actually took me about five days to write all of that, but the beginning of this entry still stands. I'm tired and this year has still been quite the whirlwind. I should probably go try to be productive like do some laundry (because I haven't since Vegas) or put away the Christmas decorations. Or go to the gym. (I've actually been quite a bit so I am sticking to the resolutions so far!) Anyway, ish to do so later, skaterz.


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Jan. 9th, 2007 04:06 pm (UTC)
Wow, it sound like you had the most amazing time! I have been to Vegas about 6 years ago! It was hot, but I loved it ;)
Jan. 9th, 2007 05:09 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it was fantastic but I feel so burnt out now! How is it that vacations wind up being so exhausting? :)

I would love to go in the summer. Some of the hotels had such nice pools!
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