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Um so like every person with any kind of clout or real authority in our entire company is out of the office for the next two hours at an "off-site meeting". Makes me nervous. They better not be talking about decreasing our Holiday Bonuses. I will die, I'm not even joking. Hopefully they're not talking about layoffs or anything like that either. *nervous after what foreverseenstar told me yesterday about her company* Eeep. But meanwhile I'm like, isn't it a bad idea to have everyone who like matters about anything here at PERT in one place at the same time? What if there's a horrible accident wherever they are? They'll all die. Gaz said I shouldn't worry though, that that's only for the White House. *shrug* But yeah, so since they're all gone of course I'm like, time to stop doing work and update my journal!

Seriously, is it really already December? I am in denial about this completely, probably because it's 60 degrees out and raining when it should be 30 and snowing. I mean, I don't really mind the weather, but it just seems unnatural. Apparently the winter weather is supposed to start this weekend and there's a chance of snow on Monday. But then again this is New England and it's the only place a weatherman can be wrong 90% of the time and still keep their job.

Maybe some more wintry weather will help me get in the Christmas mood because right now I'm so not. I am normally really excited to decorate and buy gifts and stuff but now I'm like, "Ugh, do I have to?" I don't really have any money for presents so I think that's part of my problem. I'm gonna get rid of the pumpkins on our porch and put up some Holiday decorations this weekend. We'll see if I feel any more festive after that. Hopefully I get my XMas cards in the mail soon. If you want me to send you one please comment and leave your address. (I'm screening comments, so don't worry, it won't be public for all the world.)

I watched House and Grey's Anatomy last night. House was kind of disappointing. I am just not really feeling the whole detective thing. When they pulled this sort of arc with Vogler back in the first season, I dunno the character was better. David Morse is just so monotone and doesn't seem really evil at all. He just seems like a petulant child and I'm more annoyed by him than anything else. Next episode looks good though... but I hope this guy disappears (hopefully by getting a terrible disease that House and team will have to solve) soon. Grey's finally seemed like it was back to its old self AKA making me cry at least three different times during the episode. All I have to say is if Izzie sleeps with Sloan I am gonna be so pissed. Oh and, who the hell was doing hair for last night's episode? Meredith and Izzie's hair was like out of control! WTF they looked like crap. Did anyone else notice? Oh and Meredith was such a freakin' bitch. She annoyed me with how she was to her dad's family, like I realize it's hard to deal, but seriously. But yeah now House is off for the next two weeks, and Grey's is off for like a month along with Veronica Mars which I think is off until the end of January. What am I supposed to do with all my free time, especially when I won't even have class??

So December is over which means so is NaNoWriMo, and I just want to give a shout out to daydreamer because she stuck to her guns and wrote 60,000 words in just 30 days time. That's insane (and slightly masochistic). I wrote... 15,673. That count for anything? lol But seriously, way to go for anyone that has that kind of dedication and that amount of discipline because I sure as hell don't.

December 1st also means that today is World AIDS Day. So take a minute to pray for everyone who is suffering from HIV/AIDS and do something to support the cause (donate money, wear a ribbon, get tested, write a letter to President Bush asking for more funding).

Support World AIDS Day

Okay, this wound up being way longer than I intended. Ooops. Back to work before the bosses return. Later, skaterz.

Note to self: Listen to your iPod more at work. It helps drown out the bullshit.
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