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Yoda would write in green ink.

Black Friday shopping is insane. And only insane people do it. Like me and foreverseenstar. So we totally couldn't figure out what was so great at Best Buy that had people standing out there as of yesterday afternoon... until we got there right at 5 AM along with half the world. I can't even begin to explain how long the line was to get in the store, not to mention the fact that we had to park in the plaza across the street. Once we got inside there was barely room to breathe let alone shop. And the line for the cash register... we definitely waited for almost 45 minutes from the time we actually found the right checkout line to the time we exited the store. INSANE. And I did all of that just for a $15 1GB memory card for my camera. WTF is wrong with me?! LOL But it was fun and Target seemed way chill by comparison. The line at Target wrapped half way around the store, yes, but we learned to shop while in line this time around. I mostly just got some shirt there, but picked up a few things. I feel like I did a lot of shopping yet didn't get a lot of presents. *sigh* Normally I really like buying presents for people but it just seems like it's going to be so much work this year. Christmas seems to be more and more work every year. Not going to do a tree this year, that was a huge pain, and since we've redecorated we don't much have the room for it. I'll bust out the red tinsel one or something. I'll put up some more decorations, but things will definitely be more tasteful than last year (AKA the year Santa Claus threw up in our living room). I'll get to that maybe next weekend. I've got time... December is still a week away. I can't believe people have had their decorations up for a couple weeks now. If I was President I would make it illegal to put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. Can't we just enjoy the present anymore? Always thinking ahead. I swear to god that they're going to start having Christmas sales in August soon.

So yeah, if any of you are out doing holiday shopping and want to get me something might I direct you to my Amazon wish list. As always money and gift certificates to clothing stores work as well. Or grocery stores. Food is good. I would also like another cat. And a new laptop. And to win the lottery. So if any of you are feeling generous feel free to buy me presents. :-)

I can't believe it's 2:40. I feel like it should be 7:00 at night. I'm wiped. I think I might go take a cue from foreverseenstar and not to mention my dog and the cat and take a quick nap. Later, skaterz.
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