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I'm free! Well, almost...

Two finals down and two to go. I feel like the hugest anvil has been lifted from my shoulders now that my chem exam is over with. If I ever see another periodic table again, it'll be too soon. Of course, I need to find out if I passed it or not first, because if I didn't, it'll be sketchy whether or not I'll be able to pass the class. I cringe at the possibility of wasting so much time. I studied more than I ever have for anything in my entire life! How depressing to know that I probably didn't pass anyway... but Thursday is judgement day. I kind of didn't do as well as I usually do on my art history exam, too, but hopefully that didn't hurt my grade too much. I don't even care at this point. I'm just glad that I'm half way done. But I have my oceanography exam tomorrow, and I haven't even begun to study for it. Tomorrow is so busy... hair appointment, exam, errands, social engagements... and all I want to do is sleep! I think I could sleep for a week! Finals are the most evil thing ever!


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