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So I am like the worst pet owner ever. I went home Friday night to find out my other cat Luna had like these three scary looking lump things on her neck. I had no idea what they were because they didn't look like anything I'd ever seen before, so I called the vet and they told me they were engorged ticks. *vomit* So I feel like a total asshole for letting that happen to her because I actually spent like $90 of my mom's money on Frontline at the beginning of the summer and just never got around to giving it to her. And then when I took her to the vet to get them removed I ditched my dog at my mom's house, even though I was totally all about taking him for a really nice long walk this weekend, just cause I couldn't deal. The poor dog hasn't been on a real walk in like forever. I treat him like crap, and I lose my patience with Lola because she like tears shit apart and never lets me sleep and *sigh* I just feel like the worst pet owner ever. How do people ever deal with kids? I mean seriously.

I'm also totally the worst volunteer ever, too. I was supposed to hand out Lieberman literature on Saturday, but I was exhausted when I got up Saturday so I didn't go and instead made a later vet appointment for Luna. And the thing was I didn't go up to UMass to help the colony with leaf raking on Saturday because I was supposed to be doing the Lieberman thing. And I could've gone to help with the campaign on Sunday, but I didn't and I also didn't go to the hospital to volunteer there. And what did I do at home? A whole lot of nothing unless you count watching Firefly as productive.

So I feel like such a waste of space and like the laziest person on the planet. I'm going to hell I swear. Maybe I'll make up for it by poll standing for 5 hours tomorrow. Being at Manchester High School at 6 AM is going to be seriously rough. I just hope the rain holds out until after 8 PM... that would make me happy. Wouldn't want my sandwich board to get wet. So yeah, don't forget to go out and vote tomorrow! And remember... when you vote for Ned Lamont, the terrorists win. Just ask Dick Cheney. (For the record, I'm seriously being ironic here. I couldn't believe Cheney when he was saying that shit. Is it 2009 yet?) So yeah, go vote! Preferably for Joe Lieberman. Okay, back to work. Later, skaterz.
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