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There's demons closing in on every side.


Best day ever! Even coming to work on this day is fun. We each get a goody bag and a free lunch. There's a pumpkin carving contest and our group is so going to lose. Ours is a Hannibal Lecter pumpkin eating the brain of a Ray Liotta pumpkin. The competition: a Chuckie pumpkin, a Headless Horseman pumpkin, a Pinhead pumpkin (Hellraiser), a ghostface pumpkin (Scream), and a witch. They're all pretty impressive, not going to lie. We don't fuck around when it comes to pumpkin carving here at PERT.

There's a costume contest, too, and my Meredith Grey costume (while completely accurate except for the fact that I don't look like Ellen Pompeo...) doesn't have a chance at winning. Best one here at the office so far is a pinata, complete with candy to throw at people when you beat her.

I will probably not win the Halloween trivia contest either, but all of this is still super fun. Class tonight should be interesting. I wonder if the fake witch will come to class or if she'll be too busy with her religious obligations to her coven.

Oh, I think the party went well, too. I had fun. People had some good costumes, though I think Joe's V for Vendetta was by far the best, and Chase's Stewie was by far the funniest. And it was damn impressive that Jesse wore tights for that long. Megan, he's a keeper.

But yeah, our apartment was sufficiently trashed and now I sooo need to get the rug steam cleaned. And the caramel apples were delicious but that was quite a (messy) undertaking. I think we'll be finding caramel in random places until at least christmas. I actually found some on my cell phone... But anyway, pictures to come of all of this Halloween hoopla in a later post. And possibly a video of foreverseenstar doing her best *NSYNC impression on youtube. ;-) Happy Haunting! Later, skaterz.



( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
Oct. 31st, 2006 04:23 pm (UTC)
Firstly omg Zelenka icon for the win!

omg I would own at Halloween trivia. Damnit why don't I work someplace cool?

That fake witch is a whore.

Caramel is awesome despite the messy. Those apples are like a diabetic coma though when you get to the bottom part.

Youtube, yes, haha. Human party trick. I feel like I still have to actually watch that video.
( a very loud beep — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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