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Today is like the most beautiful fall day ever. The sky is kind of gray, but it's not dark, and while that wouldn't work for a beautiful spring or summer day, it definitely works for fall. We're having a "Fall Luncheon" here today at work and it was supposed to be outside, but now it's inside due to the "chilly weather". Okay, it is definitely not chilly outside. Cool, yes. Chilly, no. And this is coming from someone who is like freezing cold in the middle of summer.

Champagne is with me today at work. He's behaving for the most part, sleeping under my desk. He ate a whole muffin wrapper earlier. I expected him to just eat the crumbs off of it. I'm not sure why I expected that because he's a dog and dogs inhale anything put in front of him. But yeah, he ate the whole thing and I am a terrible dog owner and am just waiting for him to puke it up.

I have an exam to study for tonight. I really should've studied this weekend, but this weekend was all about Delta Sigma Pi. As is tonight. But, I feel like I'm appreciated. In Harrisburg I received the honor of District Director of the Year for the New England Region. Which okay, goes up against like five other people, but it was still nice. And unexpected. And made me happy.

Myspace is being a bitch. It's taking forever to load pages and I have to refresh like 18 times just to do a freakin' search. Yeah, I said myspace. I'm on that evil creation now. But I'm not obsessed! And I'm not using it to meet strangers. But yeah, if you're on there, find me because I have no friends and it's pathetic.

Alright, it's time for free food. Gotta go show off Champagne in his super cute toggle coat! Later, skaterz.

PS - Happy birthday, daydreamer!
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