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So as I'm walking in to work this morning the FedEx guy says to me, "Another day, hunh?"

Yup, another day. Apparently the lack of enthusiasm I have for my job is blatantly obvious even to complete strangers.

So I went up to UMass tonight for our meeting. It's a decent drive, and even though our meetings really aren't all that productive yet, I don't mind going up there. I kind of like the drive, it gives me time to just think. Think about how much I love the un-cut version of "Semi-Charmed Life". Or how crushed up pecans and toffee bits might add a lot of flavor to a pumpkin cheesecake crust. Or how I should quit my job and just go work at Starbucks.

You'd assume that since half the time I sit around at work all day doing nothing that I'd have lots of time to think. The thing is I have time to think at work, I just can't. I can't concentrate or really do anything productive anymore. I keep popping the ritalin, but really all it does is kill my appetite. It's like my brain has turned to mush because these days my job is so mind-numbing. The most stimulation I ever get is doing the daily crossword at dictionary.com. That is apparently not enough. But I don't know what to do about it except go through the motions. What else is there to do?

Go work at Starbucks I guess. How much do you think the assistant mangers make anyway? But could I really not feel shame or guilt when people asked me what I do and I have to tell them I work at Starbucks? I feel like my family would be pretty disappointed. But even if I didn't quit my job, think I could still work as a barista on the side? Working at Starbucks just seems like it'd be so cool. They are one of the 100 best companies to work for. Meh, all these are just pipe dreams (espresso dreams?) I'm sure. But it's nice to at least be able to think about it.

I should go to bed because tomorrow is another day. Later, skaterz.


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