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So I was going to write as soon as I got back from Dragon*Con, but I got sort of distractedby the fact that on the way to class I sort of crashed my car, and by "sort of crashed" I mean totaled. Yeah, I hydroplaned into the back of an SUV. It just sucks because for once I really wasn't driving like an asshole. The other vehicles involved didn't really have any damage aside from bumper damage. Of course my car winds up looking like this:

Well, worst part of all this now is that I need to find a new car and have about a week to do it in. And I've deduced that I can't afford even the smallest car payment. So I'm looking for something in the $5k range. I'd like to have something with AWD so I don't have to fear for my life driving in the winter. Hopefully I'll find something. We'll see.

But yeah, on to happier topics. Dragon*Con was freakin' awesome! I can't even describe how amazing it was. I never imagined it would be so huge. Three hotels. It took up THREE hotels. And I would say at least 50% of the people there were in costume, a lot of them really amazing costumes. I actually won the Tribe costume contest for canon character. (Don't listen to what anyone says, I didn't win because I was the only entry in that category, it was because of how I worked the costume!) But seriously, even if I had had competition, Courtney made a really good costume, and it probably would've won anyway. Except if those chicks dressed as Zoot entered... because they were really good. Staying with Eddie and Frances was great. They have the best dog ever. It was so nice to come home each night to a family, and they were way more hospitable than they had to be. I forgot how much I enjoy hanging out and chatting with them. Now that we're back home I really miss them... :-( I have two new boyfriends now thanks to the con: Mark Goddard (Don West from Lost in Space) and Peter Jurasik (Londo from B5). I went to Mark's table to get Marta Kristen's autograph on Friday and then kept talking to him throughout the weekend. He's such a nice guy. I almost didn't get Peter's autograph, but finally did on Sunday after going to the B5 panel. He is hilarious and super nice. He thought we were a little bit young to be Babylon 5 fans, but that could just be because I'm pretty sure the whole weekend everyone thought we were in high school. I guess it was fitting because I felt like I was in high school again! Anyway, Peter signed the picture "To Laura, ...with fond memories of our many beautiful evenings together, my darling." That by itself was enough to make me love him. But he also was incredibly funny and kind and friendly and told me I was "adorably cute". *squeee* I got my Lost geek on all weekend. I bought some Dharma Initiative gear so I can make a super cool (and ridiculously easy) costume. Went to a few panels by Paul Dini, story editor for Lost, and those were cool. Also got to meet Mira Furlan, which was kind of awkward and uncomfortbale. She wasn't really all that nice... maybe it's just the Eastern European in her. On Sunday I managed to somewhat conquer a huge fear... I gave blood for the first time. I was shaking like a leaf, and I almost passed out twice, but I did it! Well, I sort of did it... the needle apparently moved in my arm and therefore air got into the blood bag, and thus made my blood unusable. :-( So they are just going to throw it out. I didn't get the satisfaction of saving anyone's life, but I did get a t-shirt, a pin, some nutterbutters, a gigantic bruise on my arm, and the new found bravery that I can actually get a scary needle without crying. But the best day was Monday with the culmination of our entire con experience... the Space Cases costumes. We both looked fabulous. Peter David was beyond impressed. He insisted that I send him pictures and that we come to his Star Trek panel later so that his wife could see. He introduced us to the whole panel and shared some great Space Cases tidbits, including the fact that he and Bill plan to finish the story in either comic book or novel! Yay! So that was really the best. A bunch of people actually recognized us as being from Space Cases, but mostly people just loved my hair. I'm so wearing it to work on Halloween. I love that wig. Ride home was fairly uneventful... still not impressed with United as an airline, especially because they separated us on the flight home. But yeah, I got home in time to theoretically make my class. Ironic really that we switched our whole flight around (which would've gotten in at 4:30PM) just so I didn't have to be late for my class, only to f'ing crash my car and be an hour late for class anyway. It's not been a good week. Oh yeah, but here are pictures from Dragon*Con.

Oh, but in other randomness. A plane crashed on my old street on Thursday. I saw the news story when it just said South Windsor, and not anywhere specific, and was like, "Watch with my luck this week it probably hit my house." I check back a couple hours later and it's freakin Jacques Lane. It figures.

Anyway, it's almost 9:00 on Sunday and I've done nothing productive all day. I need to go do my bio work ASAP. I hate how I procrastinate like it's my job... speaking of jobs, tomorrow is Monday and that SUCKS. Grr. Okay, gonna go get stuff done now. For real.

Later, skaterz.


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Sep. 12th, 2006 06:01 pm (UTC)
Sucks about your car. Glad you're okay, though! You win the shirtless!Nick icon for being awesome. :)
Sep. 12th, 2006 06:12 pm (UTC)
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