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So, this is an awesome start to the semester. Fifteen minutes into my first class and I was practically in tears. Every single one of my classes started out today with the professor saying, "So if you wanted to take an easy class this semester, you're in the wrong place." My COMM professor seems like a bitch, and the class is not really a class at all, it's actually like a full time job. In addition to other worksheets and stuff, the class is basically creating a social marketing campaign for a company. Not a pretend company, an actual real world non-profit organization. Like we will have to go to their offices and meet with them. Yes, it will be interesting, but not when I have five other classes. Five other completely crappy classes. I went to MGMT 290 next and of course I can't take the section I want because of stupid MKTG270 and the fact that that is the only class being offered on this campus that fulfills that marketing requirement. But yeah, apparently it's the hardest section of it. He said if we were looking for an easy time with the class, we should switch to a different section. Too bad THEY'RE ALL CLOSED. At least there's no book because my books for my other classes are all $100 each, at least the ones that are in yet. I'm glad I stood in line at the co-op for 20 minutes and still didn't get all the books I needed. Science Fiction is going to suck a lot because there's so much reading and writing, but at least there's a Brother in my class. I knew that class would suck so that's not a surprise. And MKTG 270 is just so much worse than I ever could've imagined. I am stuck working in a group with 4 guys I don't know, so that will be peachy. The class meets from 2-4:45 so that will be torture. I would've honestly gauged my eyes out if he'd kept us the full time today. But he is definitely the most horrible professor in the marketing department. I'm not excited. OPIM will suck tomorrow because it's OPIM. My only hope is MKTG225 which I have been wanting to take forever... but of course, it's a W. This semester is going to kick my ass. Tomorrow I have a job interview, I hope it goes well. I posted a bunch of resumes through monster.com last night and have heard back from three of the sketchiest companies I have ever heard of in my entire life. They have been calling/emailing me all day and it's more annoying than anything else. Is it too late to quit at life? Argh... okay time to go to work for 5.5 hours and try to stop having a nervous breakdown. I was going to say that on the bright side the temperature had broken into the double digits, but I take that back because now it's 7 degrees out, but of course that's without the windchill. Argh. I hate life. Later, skaterz.


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