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So even though I am a little tipsy, pretty tired, and would rather be reading Angels & Demons right now, I feel like I need to update for two reasons: 1) I haven't updated in damn near forever and 2) I don't forsee having time to do so anywhere in the near future. I don't even remember where I was when I last wrote, shortly after I got back from Europe I imagine. That update will come eventually, too, I promise. I can't believe it's already late June. Fuck, it's practically July. Where is the summer going? My first summer session classes are almost over, and I am already sufficiently falling behind and making my teachers hate me. I'll be done on the 7th, actually hopefully on the 6th... I'm hoping my teacher will get back to me soon about letting me take my communications final early so that I can leave for Ohio on Thursday morning. Yeah, I'm driving out there, probably with Lisa for Brian's birthday party. He was here two weeks? ago and it was wonderful. All he did was confirm what I had already been suspecting: that he is one of the most incredible guys in the entire universe. But the fact that he is so perfect just makes him suck so much because he's all the way in stupid Ohio, which by the way is not on my list of favorite places. So I mean obviously we're not trying to be exclusive or anything, I've learned the hard way that that just doesn't work, but I mean we talk pretty much every night. I dunno, it just sucks because whether I like it or not, I'm falling hard for him, and I can't stop thinking about him, and as much as I don't want a relationship, I want to be with him. It just... sucks, and yet doesn't all at the same time. I guess I don't need any more of a distraction than he already is. Hah. Okay turning off gush mode now, sorry if I made any of you nauseous. haha But yeah, so in other big news aside from me being retarded for a guy that's 800 miles away from me, I finally got someone to hire me! That's right, I'm finally employed by someone aside from Limited Too! I'm working for this research group on campus that does phone surveys. It's sort of shitty work, but it pays $8.00/hr which is mroe than LTD2 and I can make my own hours, and work up to 40 hours a week if I really want to, so I'll take it. I'm just working like every single night for the rest of my life. haha At least I have my days free to go to the beach. :-D Which is actually where I'll be spending tomorrow, despite the less than perfect weather, and the day after. I need to work on my tan... it's definitely fading. I've been getting in shape though. I've actually been *gasp* running! I know, I know, crazy talk. But I'd really like to not suck at it and to maybe be healthy and to look better. Anyway, I'm going through withdrawl because I unplugged the computer from the internet so I could type in my bed, so I'm going to go sign back online and post this shiznit. I promise I'll have europe update by summer's end. haha Later, skaterz.


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Jul. 5th, 2004 12:31 pm (UTC)
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