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Wasting words on lower cases and capitals.

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Hahhahaha.... I was thoroughly amused by that. So yeah, I haven't written in forever... mostly because I've been in Europe (got back a week ago) but a little bit because I've been lazy. So yeah, France and Italy were amazing, and there is a much more detailed post about my trip coming soon along with pictures. I started classes on Tueday. This session I'm taking COMM200Q (Research Methods in Communications) and OPIM203C. COMM200 doesn't look like it'll be as hard as I was anticipating. My teacher is awesome. She makes things easy to understand and she hates math which is wonderful considering it's a Q class. She's so laid back though. We're actually having a pizza party tomorrow. Free food, yay! OPIM is not as exciting, hance why I'm working on a journal entry in the middle of class right now. It's slow and boring and I just don't care about any of this crap. My teacher seems nice, but I think he hates us and how we don't really care. I mean the class does meet at 8:30AM which is a little sadistic in the middle of the summer. I would definitely shoot myself if I didn't have my computer and the internet. The book for the class is $90 so I have no intention of buying it. I have a feeling that I might be a little screwed when the final exam comes around. We just finished going over another chapter and I realized I had never opened the slides to even attempt at following along. Oh well. It's a summer class... how hard can it really be? Heh. Last night I finished The Da Vinci Code! I had started reading it in France, and I just finished it last night. I am sort of sad that it's over because I am afraid I will never read another book that is quite as good. I started reading Angels & Demons last night, too, which is the prequel to Da Vinci. Reading is filling up some of my free time, since I have so much of it right now seeing as I still don't have a job. Both interviews I had before I left for France resulted in nothing more than hopeful prospects for fall. The marketing internship I wanted might materialize for fall, but I doubt I'll have time. Fall semester is going to be so crazy. But I'm getting desperate. I'll do pretty much anything for money at this point. My dad's been super nice about giving me money if I need it, but I hate asking him for it. I'm going to do some more job hunting this week, so we'll see I guess. Brian comes on Thursday. I'm very excited about that, but nervous, too. I just hope he has fun. Okay, so maybe I'll end this bullshit entry and work on my entry that people might be interested in reading. Later, skaterz.

PS - Here are some fun end of the year pictures...
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