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So I've been meaning to update this for a few days now but have actually been too busy to really. Wednesday Jeff came to visit and I thought that would be the last time I would see him before he went up to Maine for good, but actually that went so well that he came today, too. Reconnecting with him just made me that much more sad that he's leaving though. I only cried a little bit though. I miss him so much. I hate distance, particularly when there's large amounts of it between me and people I want to be with... Anyway, Thursday I went to NYC with Ben. It started out a little rocky with a bit of a fender bender, but ended well. It was hot in the city, but it felt good to be outside in the sun. We did a lot of walking and I think my legs are still sore from it. I saw so much of the city that I'd never seen before. I even rode the subway. I really love NYC a lot. I love most cities. They're just so interesting. All the people. I need to go at some point just on my own with my camera. Brian has never been to the city, so I'm debating taking him when he comes down in June. I'm not sure I really know the city well enough though. I might be too nervous. I'm just so nervous about him having a good time when he's here. I just want him to have fun so maybe he won't see what a huge dork I really am. lol So Friday I had another interview, this one being for the marketing department at Buckland Hills Mall. It's an internship and it sounds like it would be a really great opportunity. Hopefully I'll hear from the woman before I go to France, but that will probably be doubtful. Hopefully I'll have a a job period when I get back from France. Saturday I went with Ben to get his tattoo. It came out really nice. I'm jealous, and now I want another tattoo bad. Courtney... you have til mid August. Saturday night I went down to Ridgefield to Katie's place and partied with some of her friends. They were pretty cool. It was a fun time, but now I'm exhausted. I didn't get any sleep last night. Sharing a twin bed in a room that was like 95 degrees... not really fun. Well, fun might not be the right word... they're not conditions that are condusive to sleep anyway. So I'm going to bed now and I'm planning on sleeping for the next 12 hours. Then maybe Ill start thinking about getting my stuff together for France. (haha yeah right) Later, skaterz.


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