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So I meant to update sooner, but it's been a busy few days... at the end of last week I was studying my ass off for finals, then celebrating the end of finals, then moving out of my door and back home, then moving from home into my new apartment, and now I've just been getting settled into my new place. I guess I'll start from the beginning... finals... well, they went okay. Actually, they were all extremely hard even though I studied my ass off. But I did wind up with amazing grades. This was actually my best semester at UConn thus far... two A's (marketing and finance), two B+'s (managerial accounting and management), and a B- (italian)... which gives me a 3.413 for the semester and brings me back up to a 2.8 overall. I think I could've done better, but I'm pleased with myself. Saturday I got wasted with everyone and it was a good time as always, but it just made moving out on Sunday even harder. I was proud of myself... I only cried a little bit. It will be hard not living with Susan. I'm going to miss her soooo much. But living with Amie will be grand. I moved up into Charter Oak yesterday and I've just been trying to get settled. I love my apartment so much. It makes me soooo happy to have a big bed and my own room. Katie and I went shopping today and went to IKEA (aka the greatest store in the entire world) and I got lots of fun stuff for my apartment, including a down comforter!! I love spending money that I don't have. But hopefully that will be remedied soon. I had a job interview on Monday and have another on Friday. The one on Monday went well. I hope Friday's goes equally as well. But right now I'm really exhausted... I feel like I haven't slept in a week. So I'm going to go curl into my down comforter. :-D I'll update something more interesting later as I'm sure I will have more interesting things to tell by the end of this week. Sweet dreasm. Later, skaterz.
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