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Spring weekend = bad decision making. As usual. I will be paying for this weekend for the rest of the week. In fact, I'm paying for it right now, because it's 2:30AM and I still have a bunch of work that needs to get done. Sadly, this weekend was not really all that worth it. I didn't even want to go out Thursday or Friday, but was convinced to anyway. Thursday just upset me in a lot of different ways and only resulted in me not doing what I needed to do on Friday. Friday I still didn't want to go out, and while I actually had a good time, I made a fool of myself because I was obliterated by 10:30PM. Boxed wine leaves a nasty hangover, too. Saturday was actually a lot of fun, and it was really great to hang out and party with people I never seem to get to hang out or party with anymore. I love my brothers, but a night sans-ΔΣΠ was really incredibly wonderful. Sometimes ΔΣΠ is more drama than it's worth. I'm sort of hoping I'll be able to survive the transition party on Thursday night. But yeah, so I hung out with transpo and S-Dub people and a bunch of Todd's friends. We hit up X-Lot which is really overrated. It was pretty cold out and I just was not in the mood to get completely wasted. I went to Wendy's with Todd's friends though, and that was a good time. Drive Thrus that are open until 2 AM are a beautiful thing. I actually just got back from there now. Wendy's late night drive-thru has done a lot of good for my soul in the past two day, I must say. I wish I could say that it's done as much for my figure. heh It's okay because I have so much work to do in the next two weeks that I won't have time to eat so I figure it will balance out. I can't wait for summer. I want to move into my apartment more than anything. And I want a job. If I could have those two things, I think I might actually for the first time in a while be really incredibly happy. I'm trying. I really am, guys, but it's hard. But know that I'm trying... *sigh* Alright, time to get some work done. Later, skaterz.
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