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So I'm on my way to Florida writing this entry that I had intended to write a couple weeks ago, but between exams (most of which I didn't do half bad on by the way) and just being a lazy bastard, I haven't been able to get around to it until now. The funeral I went to last week made me do a lot of thinking. All I kept thinking when I was sitting there listening to my cousin give her father's eulogy was that that could be me. And it scared me, because she talked about how her father died without her ever really telling him exactly what he meant to her. Life is short. Tomorrow comes wth no guarentees. I'm afraid that there are too many people in my life that don't know just how important they are to me, and just how much I care about them. God forbid anything were to happen to me, or worse, any of you, but I just wanted you know how special you are to me.

I love you, Amie. You are the kindest, most loyal friend anyone could ever ask for. Whenever I've needed you, you've been there for me and I'm forever grateful to you for that. We've made so many incredible memories together that I hold incredibly dear to my heart, and I know we're going to make so many more when we're sharing an apartment. I'm so excited to finally be your roomie! (EDIT: If reslife doesn't screw us over.) But you are one of the most wonderful people I know, and you deserve all the happiness in the world. Which reminds me, Eric, I love you, too. You are so fun to hang out with, but mostly I love you because of how happy you make Amie. (Break her heart and I'll kill you.) :-)

I love you, Ben. Meeting you was maybe the best thing that came out of working at Transpo. You are amazing, and one of the most fun people to be with. I am so lucky to have you call me a friend. You give some of the best advice, and aren't afraid to tell me the truth even when it's not what I want to hear. I don't know what I'd do without you. Oh, and Kristin, since I'm sure you'll be reading this, I love you, too. You are such a beautiful person inside, and out and you and Ben are so lucky to have each other.

Brad, I love you. I really appreciate you always trying to make me feel better when you know I'm down. I know things aren't going great for you right now, but I really hope they turn around soon. You deserve to be happy. If there's anything I can ever do, please let me know.

I love you, Chase. I am always in hysterics whenever we hang out. You are one of my most favorite people in the whole world, and I wish I got to see you more often. (Even if you do nearly kill me with alcohol... I promise all those death threats were only drunken rage.) I hope we get to see each other soon because I miss you!

I love you, dear! You are my backbone, and I am quite convinced that I never would've made it last semester if it weren't for you. Befriending you was one of the best things that came from pledging DSP. When I am sobbing my eyes out, I feel like you are the only person whose shoulder I can cry on without feeling like a fool or a burden. You are my gaurdian angel, love, I'm very sure of that. I can't thank you enough for being one of the best friends ever. Please know that I am always here whenever you need me. *kisses*

Corbo-chan, I love you! Man, how freakin' long have we been sticking through life together? Seems like forever already, but I know we're going to be sticking through this together for a lot longer. You are one of the best friends in the entire world. I can completely be myself around you, not just because you're the only other sci-fi nerd I know. There's no one else I could spend hours on the phone with talking about absolutely nothing. You are so creative and so unique and I'm so envious of that. Please never doubt what an incredible person you are.

Baby, I love you as much or maybe more than I've ever loved anyone before. Even though we're not together anymore, the fact that you were my frist true love hasn't changed, and it never will and neither will my feelings for you. The time I spent with you were the best years of my life, and I really wish that you weren't 300 miles away and things could've worked out. You are probably better without me anyway, as you seem to be happier than you've been for quite some time right now, and I am truly grateful for that. I really do hope that we can keep in touch, because I don't want to not have you in my life; I already miss you so much. No matter where you go or what you do, just know that a piece of my heart will always belong to you, and if you ever need anything at all, I will always be there for you. Please never forgot how much I love you.

Jim, I love you. There's no one else I'd rather get drunken text message from at 1 AM. You are one of my favorite people to hang out and have fun with and one of my favorite people to sit around and be depressed and hate life with. You're also one of the best friends I've made here at UConn. Remember, I will always be your band's number one fan and will always be there to give your ex girlfriend the cold shoulder. :-)

I love you, Joe. Whether I want to, or whether or not you want me to, I do. I don't know when I fell in love with you, but it's not hard to figure out how or why. You're an incredible person: kind, giving, loyal to your friends and family, smart, so much fun to be with, and talented. And while your jokes aren't very funny, the fact that you're devistatingly handsome makes up for it. Other than that, there's really no explanation for how happy it makes me just to be near you. When you walk into a room it's so hard to take my eyes off of you. You smile at me and I melt. Half the time I'm around you, I'm speechless, because usually there aren't even words to explain the emotions I'm feeling at the moment, because when I'm with you, they fill me. During the day I can't stop thinking about you, and at night you're in all of my dreams. Even if your feelings for me aren't even remotely close to the ones I have for you, I still wanted you to know that you mean the world to me.

I love you, life partner! I would not be able to survive DSP without you. Not only do you have wonderful taste in music, but you have this uncanny ability to make me smile and feel better when I think that my life is completely over. For some reason you listen to me bitch and complain about the same old things over and over again, yet you don't seem to get annoyed or tell me I'm retarded, and I'm so lucky for that. You are so beautiful and so unique and so absolutely fun to be around, it's no wonder why everyone is in love with you. There's not one part of you that I don't completely love, Katie. You are one of my most favorite people in the whole world and one of the best things to come out of joining DSP. We'll get through the rest of this semester together... shots before chapter, right? :-) (Maybe we should start doing them during Madjar's class, too...) And if we make it through, we might just have to treat ourselves to a nice lobster dinner.

I love you, photo girls! I'm so lucky to have met you guys this summer and I am still amazed at how quickly the three of us just seemed to click. You guys are so much fun and there's no one else I'd rather moan and complain about boy troubles with. I miss our late nights in the dark room more than anything. Those few weeks were definitely like the best ones of my summer, even though I reeked of fixer for most of it. I am so glad that we've kept in touch, I just wish we all saw more of each other. I miss you girls so much! Hopefully we can all spend some quality time together soon.

Je t'adore, Kristina! (I think I said that right, but even if I didn't I think you got the idea...) Man, I miss you so much with you all the way on the other side of the Atlantic! You are one of my truest, bluest best friends, because our friendship has definitely passed the test of time. Since our creepy crawler days, there have been months that we've gone without talking, and then when we see each other again it's like no time has passed at all. You never fail to entertain me with your amusing stories and energetic personality. I have so much fun with you whether we're at a club, the mall, studying for a math exam, or just hanging out. I don't know what I'd do without your advice either. You have this unique and honest view of the world that is so refreshing, and I have so much respect for your opinions on life and love. You're just an incredible person, Kristina, and the best friend. There's nothing you wouldn't do for a friend and I hope you know that there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. Thank you for being one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. I can't wait to see you in May... in France!

I love you, Mark! Even though you always sat at the back of the bus and never talked to me and quit marching band and are now pledging silly KKY... hehe, just kidding. I miss you. Chemistry was so fun freshman year... okay, well, as fun as chemistry can be. But I seriously miss hanging out with you because you're one of the coolest people I've met since being at UConn and we really need to see more of each other, and not just in passing.

I love you, lil bro! :-) It's fun calling you that, hehe. I am so excited that you decided to rush DSP because now it's even more time that I get to spend with you. And I love spending time with you. You are so incredibly nice and friendly and fun and you never fail to make me smile. Thank you for being such a great friend and a perfect little brother. I'm so proud of you!

I love you, Matt Scibek! You are one of the most amazing and talented people I've met. Not only is your photography incredible, but you are one of the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful people I've ever met. I'm so lucky to have you consider me a friend. And you have been such an amazing friend... I definitely don't deserve some of the nice things you've done for me. If you ever need anything, please know that I'm there for you just as you have been there for me, and I'm so grateful for every time that I was down and you made me feel 100x better. You are amazing, Matt, don't ever forget that.

I love you, tacchino. You are definitely the most interesting and unique person I've met since being at UConn, and I'm definitely lucky that we did meet. First of all, little buddies as good as you don't come around every day, and secondly, friends as incredible as you come around even less often. I had the best time with you in the Caribbean and it wouldn't have been the same had anyone else been there with me. I'll be grateful to you for that trip until the day I die, I think. You put up with me like no one else will and I don't know how or why you do it someitmes, but I'm so lucky that you do. There's no one that tries harder to cheer me up when I'm upset, and I love you so much for that. And as crazy and spaztastic as you are sometimes, don't ever change because you just wouldn't be you.

Girlfriend, I love you! Even though I never see you anymore...! I miss you, girl, like you wouldn't believe. You are so caring and loveable and I miss my quality Maureen time. Despite that I barely talk to you once a month these days, it doesn't change the fact that you're one of my best friends and that I love you more than anything. Please, lets hang out soon!

Meg, I love you. If there's one person who can make me feel like I'm not alone with all the drama in my life, it's you, because you've got just as much of it. You are so much fun to be with and I know we're going to have a blast in France in May, just like we did in Italy a few years ago. Thank you for being such a great friend and always checking up on me when you thought I needed a friend. :)

I love you, Nellise! Even though you thought I was a snob and hated me to being with, I liked you from the start. In fact, the more I got to know you the more I liked you. I love our talks... they make me feel so much better about life. Sometimes I feel like you're the only one who will really understand me, and it's so nice to know someone with a family who is equally as screwed up as my own. I can't thank you enough for always being there for me and looking out for me. That dinner with you and Adam was one of the nicest gestures anyone's ever made, I swear it almost made me cry. I love you guys so much and please know that I am always there for you if you need anything at all.

I love you, Paulie! My favorite emo boy and dinosaur hunter! You're like the only one who understands what it's like to have your mood completely fluctuate just based on the music you're listening to. And you're the only person that's ever played a song on the radio just for me, and I love you for that, too. You're one of my favorite people to go to concerts with and there's no one else I'd rather scream along to Dashboard Confessional and Brand New with at a party. Plus, you definitely give the best hugs of anyone I know.

Love of my life! Roomie, I love you sooooo much! You are the best roommate anyone could ever ask for. Sharing a dorm room with you has been one of the best experiences of my entire life. It seems that whenever I'm with you I am always laughing and smiling. If I had to be stranded on a deserted island with anyone, it would definitely be you, because I know that if anyone could make the best of it, it would definitely be you. I have more fun with you than I do with maybe anyone else and you have brought so much happiness into my life. I wouldn't even have on campus housing if you hadn't pushed me not give up on the idea. I am so sad that we're not rooming together next year, but you better be spending at least 50% of your time at our apartment, and the year after you'd better live with us or else! But yes, thank you for being so wonderfully you, and I love you to pieces, Susan.

Todd, I love you. You are such an incredible friend. You would go to ends of the earth for any of your friends, and that's a pretty rare quality. You are so generous and so much fun to be with. I wish that you realized what an amazing person you are, and I wish there was something I could do to make you happier sometimes. If there's anyone in this world that deserves to be less miserable than they are, it's you. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me over the years. Don't ever forget that there are people that care so much about you and will do anything for you at the drop of a hat. (I'm one of them.)

I love you, Val! I miss you terribly, also! My favorite concert buddy, and it seems I have not seen you in ages. We have loads of fun when we're together, and you're the only person who truly understands my true obsession with Sugarcult and that I can be a complete dork about them with. We need to hang out soon because remember only together can we conquer the world (or at least have the most disastrous situation turn out perfectly.)

Nicole, Jim, LT, Kate, Tim, Adam, Andy, my entire pledge class, and everyone else. I love you, guys. I might jokingly call myself a DeltaSig dork, but this fraternity really does mean the world to me. You guys are the best people to study with, drink and party with, or just hang out with. I can't thank you enough for all being there when I needed you. Please know that I would go to the ends of the earth for each and every one of you.

Jennifer and Mary, I love you. You girls are so much fun and I miss you guys so much when I'm not chillin' with you guys at Bryant. You two have given me so much support even though you're an hour away and I only see you like once a month, but all of it gets relayed to me through Courtney, and I really appreciate it. You've made me like the extra suite member, and I love it. Come up to UConn ASAP!

Sorry for the complete cheese and sappiness, but it's all true. Sorry I'm not more eloquent. Thanks for taking the time to read this, guys. Later, skaterz... and remember, as a great man once said "no day but today."



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Mar. 15th, 2004 05:27 am (UTC)
It's 8:25am and my roomie is wondering why I'm crying. We lost one of our friends up here to a drunk driver last night and since that moment when I found out Ron was gone I have been realizing how important friends are. Then I wake up and read the most heartfelt message of love I have ever seen. You are a true, honest, hardworking and caring person Laura, never let yourself think otherwise. I love you lots and can't wouldn't want to cross the Alantic (again) with anyone else.

Lots of love,
Mar. 15th, 2004 06:35 am (UTC)
Dude, way to make me cry first thing in the morning haha. But you totally win an award for being able to make me happy-cry. Love you too dear.
Mar. 15th, 2004 08:45 am (UTC)
conquer the world?
ummm, excuse me, but i thought you were going to take over the world with me, not val. hahaha, because we rock at getting housing at uconn at winning tickets and backstage passes that we reuse to get more people in with us (such as val, who is cool), and we rock at being in love with palm trees and sand and such, and we rock at making the best of a ghetto futon (thanks ben), we rock at being slackers in marching band (they didn't see us yet! we can still leave!!)and we rock at being the most normal people on our floor and possibly the entire building, oh yeah, and i rock at eating all your food, especially the expired stuff or the perishible items before we go on break because i don't want it to go to waste, hahaha! and that is why it would be most beneficial to conquer the world with me hahahaha(i'm just kidding val, the truth is that me and you can take over the world while laura watches, muah ha ha)

i was like, what are you doing? and then i was like, i'm writting a message in laura's live journal :D
-the love of laura's life-(giggle)
Mar. 21st, 2004 12:49 pm (UTC)

Hi i dont know you *waves* but i lie your journal. Im sarah
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