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Well, I'm home, and glad to be back. Spring Break '04 is over with and it's time to get back to reality, but first I thought you guys would like to hear the run down of my vacation, since I know you all wish you were in Florida for break and wish to live vicariously through me... :)

On Saturday we left just after 6:30 AM and despite a rainy drive, we made excellent time to our hotel in North Carolina. We hit almost no traffic (I've never gotten through New Jersey so quickly!) and arrived only a little after 5:00. 10.5 hours is definitely not bad. We actually had wished we shot for like the bottom of NC or even South Carolina. It helped that the speed limit down there was 70 mph... which meant Todd did 90. He drove the entire way down.

We left at 5:00 AM on Sunday because we heard from Matt N. that it took him just about forever to get through Florida to Orlando, and we wanted to make sure we met him in time for dinner. We hit Georgia at like 9:15 and then the Florida border at 10:40. We hit a lot of traffic in Florida, but still made awesome time. We got to Orlando around 2:00 and realized we had two hours to kill before we were allowed to check into our hotel, so we stopped and got some lunch and went to this awesome mall. It had a Ron Jon Surf Shop which was awesome. We checked into our hotel at 4 and were a little disappointed at how ghetto it was. On the website it made it sound a lot nicer than it really is, but hey for $50 a night what can you really expect. We wound up getting used it it anyway, and it's not like we spent that much time in the hotel room anyway. But anyway, after freshening up we went over to the hotel at Matt N., Ryan, and Rory were staying at. Getting there was quite a hassle, as was trying to find the Olive Garden we wanted to eat at... I swear, getting around Orlando is like one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. But we went to Olive Garden with all of them, and it was really awesome. Our waiter was wicked cool. After Olive Garden we went to Pleasure Island. That was actually pretty fun, but would've been so much better had we been trashed. We went to some strange comedy/adventure club thing (KANGALOOSH!) and then to this 70's/80's dance club which was actually a blast. We didn't get home until 2:30 AM and pretty much passed out after that.

Monday we headed to Epcot at like 11:00 and walked around the World Showcase. We stopped for lunch in Norway and saw the presentation at Old America. After checking out all the countries we went to the Innovations exhibit. We saw some really cool things, like a demonstration on the Segway and this house of the future exhibit. Some of that stuff in that house was sooooo cool. After that we went on this wicked cool car test track ride, then on this dinosaur ride, and then on Figment's Imagination ride. We saw the "Honey, I Shrunk The Audience" show, too, which was almost a little too real! We hit up Japan for dinner and ate at the restaurant where they cook the food right on your table. It was expensive, but worth it. We stopped a France for some pastries and watched the fireworks show before heading back to the hotel.

Tuesday we went to the Magic Kingdom. It was a lot more crowded than Epcot was the day before. You could barely move so that wasn't too fun. We went on Splash Mountain first. Luckily I didn't get too wet. We headed into Adventure Land and didn't ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride because it had a 45 minute wait, and we hadn't yet realized that we could use Fast Pass. We went in the Tiki Room and then the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house instead. We had lunch in Tomorrow Land and then rode Space Mountain. We waited in line for it for forever, but it was worth it. After that we realized that using Fast Pass (it lets you skip the ride lines) didn't cost anything extra so we got Fast Passes for the Haunted Mansion and rode Thunder Mountain and explored Tom Sawyer's Island in the mean time. There were all these really cool white birds on the island so we amused ourselves with them. After the Haunted Mansion we went to Toon Town and I had my picture taken with Mickey and Minnie! :-D Unfortunately in Toon Town I also dropped my camera on the ground, and since I still don't have a functional lens cap for it, the side of the lens got banged up. :-( But anyway, we took the monorail to Epcot and ate dinner in France. It was tres magnifique! I had lobster bisque and lamb and Todd and I split a dessert tray. The creme brulee was by far the best thing on there. The bill was pretty pricey though. :-\ (Oh man, I'm poor, someone give me money please!) We made it back to the hotel in time to sneak into the hot tub and watch the Sopranos on HBO.

Wednesday we went to MGM. It wasn't nearly as crowded or full of little kids as Magic Kingdom. We went on this "Into the Movies" ride first, and that was a little cheesy, but fun. After we poked around the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids playground, and while it's one of the coolest things ever, has more appeal for little kids. Then we went and played "Who Wants To Be A Millionare?" and out of the whole audience, I actually made it into the top 10 for the first fastest finger question! I made it into the top 10 later, too, after the first 5 questions of the game. It was really cool, the whole audience gets to play along and you earn points based on how fast you answer the questions. It was so much fun. After we went and got Fast Passes for the Tower of Terror and thought we'd go on the Rockin' Roller Coaster but it was experiencing "technical difficulties" so we had some lunch (bbq pizza... yum) and went over to the Indiana Jones stunt show. That was actually really cool. I should've taken pictures, but I'm a moron. After that we went on the Star Tours ride, which is all about Star Wars. I think I took pictures of like everything while we were waiting in line. I was so giddy. I'm such a nerd, but it was just so freakin' awesome. It made Todd nauseous, and me a little bit, too, but it was Star Wars so it didn't matter. We decided to head back over to see if the Rockin' Roller Coaster was operational, and it was, so we got in line depsite the 55 minute wait. It actually turned out to be only like a 35 minute wait, but had it been an hour and 35 minutes it still would've been worth it. That was by far one of the best rollercoasters I've ever been on, and the best part of the whole ride is the first 2.6 seconds where you go from 0 to 60mph. I swear, you can't even breath it's so intense. After that we grabbed a snack, and then went to the Tower of Terror. That is one of the scariest rides I've ever been on, but the way they did it all up like the Twilight Zone was incredible. It made it so much cooler than the falling rides at any other amusement park. I screamed like a baby though, I was so terrified. We went to this Drew Cary "Sounds Dangerous" thing afterward which was fairly anti-climatic after the previous two rides we'd been on, but oh well. We had dinner at Uno's and then went to a movie theatre at the mall we'd stopped at on our way down on Sunday. It was one of the nicest movie theatres and even had high back seats and tickets were only $7! We went to go see 50 First Dates which was really wonderful. I got all teary eyed like such a girl at the end though. And it kind of made me sad and miss everyone I love, though...

Thursday we went to Animal Kingdom. That was new and exciting because the last time I was at Disney, that park didn't even exist. The first thing we did when we went in was go to a bird show. They had all these wonderful and beautiful birds from cranes to parrots and even a bald eagle. It was really cool. After that we put in our Fast Passes for the safari and got lunch. We walked around some paths in the park that had viewing sites along them and saw some cool animals like macaws and gargantuan rodents. Then we rode on the safari and saw hippos and rhinos and giraffes and gazelle and gazelle-like animals whose names I don't remember... they were strange... Tommies and Bongos... something of that nature. After the ride-along safari we did a jungle watch and saw even more animals, including these gorillas. They were the best. It's unreal how human like they are. All that was in Africa, so after that we scooted over to Rafiki's Plantet Watch and saw the vet station and learned about all the things that animals ingest that they're not supposed to. We stopped by the petting zoo, too, and saw some llamas! I heart llamas. Next we headed over to Asia and rode a river raft ride. That was probably the only ride we went on the entire trip that didn't have any wait. We were actually the only two people on our raft. And I got pretty drenched, but it was fun. I actually wound up getting a little sun burnt that day. While in Asia, we went on another garden path and saw bats and a kimono dragon and TIGERS! The tigers were absolutely gorgeous. They are such beautiful creatures, it's unbelieveable. Lastly, we went over to Dinoland USA and rode the Dinosaur ride, and that was pretty terrifying. I screamed like a little girl anyway. By the time we were done with that, the park was just about set to close, so we headed out but stopped at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Matt, Ryan, and Rory wound up not coming back (all of us had planned to go back to Pleasure Island) Thursday night, so Todd and I went to some outlet stores instead. They were really nice, but not quite the best deals in the entire world. It was like, "Oh, $80 for that sweater... where's the sale price? Oh, that is the sale price." But I bought a bathing suit from PacSun and a shirt from Banana Republic, even though I should not be shopping. Gah, so poor. But I'm addicted to shopping, what can I say. It's just good I'm back at school so I can stop spending assloads of money on food.

Friday we went to Typhoon Lagoon, one of Disney's water parks. Friday was the warmest it's been all week, 79, so it was the perfect day to go. It was fun. There was a place that you could just float around the park, and that was nice and relaxing except for the children with squirt guns on the bridge. And there was a place you could go snorkeling, but that was small and fairly disappointing despite the presence of sharks. We mostly just laid around in the sun for the afternoon. They have sand and such there like a beach. And they pipe in Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffet music. We did go on water slides and those were all pretty awesome. There was a giant wave pool, too, and I only went in for one wave since my skin doesn't like chlorine at all, but only succeeded in getting a lot of water up my nose. I also succeeded in getting ridiculously sunburnt. What posessed me to think that I didn't need sunscreen on 80% of my body is beyond me, but I'm paying for it dearly. And I look like a lobster. We stayed in for dinner, yep brought the sandwich maker on the trip!, and then did a little bit more outlet shopping and went to go see Secret Window, that new Johnny Depp movie. Wow, that was completley fucked up!! But Johnny Depp was absolutely amazing in it. Great movie, go see it! We called it an early night though because we were leaving at 7:00AM the next day in hopes of beating vacation traffic.

Well, we did leave at 7:00AM and did make it past all the vacation traffic. We got out of Florida by 9:30, to South Carolina a little after 11:00, to VA by 4:30, and rolled past the CT state boarder at 11:20PM. We got back to SW at about 1:00AM which means we did the whole thing in 18 hours including breaks which isn't half bad... I so expected it to take us so much longer than that. (On a side note for anyone who cares, we did see every license plate in between our trips there and back except New Mexico and North Dakota. But we did see 8 different Canadian provinces if that counts for anything...) I also was not expecting it to be so goddamn cold here!! *pout* I will miss the 75 degree weather. I hope spring comes soon. Argh, well, I have to go unpack and do laundry and then pack again to move back to school tomorrow... yay. Later, skaterz.

P.S. - I'll post pictures when I get fast internet.
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