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Why do they call them the "Virgin Islands"? Because no one gives a fuck!

Well, I just got back from the most incredible vacation to St. Croix, USVI in the Caribbean late Saturday night. It was paradise. Matt really outdid himself planning this entire trip. I feel so incredibly spoiled. I didn't even sleep Monday night because I was stressing and packing and had to leave for Matt's house at like 4:30 AM anyway so in order to make our 9:30 flight from JFK to San Juan. I decided to call my dad from the airport just to be like, "Oh, by the way, Dad, I'm going to the Caribbean..." haha The flight and the airport were both relatively painless, though security is crazy. I think they asked for my ID and boarding pass like 10 different times, and they made you take off your belt and shoes to go through the metal detectors. I hate airports. We got to San Juan aronud 1:00 maybe... down there their clocks are an hour ahead of ours so we lost an hour during the flight. We wandered around at the San Juan airport, gawked at the ridiculously cheap liquor prices, and decided to go outside... which we realized was a mistake because then we had to go through security all over again. Our plane to St. Croix was like this tiny little turboprop which made me none too happy, but the flight was only like half an hour long and the view was pretty nice. The airport in St. Croix was like the size of my dorm room, but that didn't matter because when we landed it was sunny and warm and beautiful. It was like a 40 minute taxi ride to our hotel, and the sun was starting to set by the time we got there. Driving there was a little scary because the roads are sooo windy and narrow and... they drive on the left hand side of the road! My heart like jumped every time we went through an intersection. But we came over this last hill and you could see the bay that the hotel is on, and it was breathtaking. The hotel, the Divi Carina Bay Resort & Casino, was gorgeous. The rooms were all like open to the outside and they had little kitchenettes and a BALCONY. I nearly died when I saw the balcony. And the view looked right out onto the beach with all these palm trees outside the window. So incredibly beautiful. We didn't get settled until almost 8:00, so we went downstairs to the beachside restaurant and had some dinner and drinks! while watching Shallow Hal. After dinner we walked out on the beach and it was just so beautiful. I've never been on a beach at night before. We went back to the hotel and attempted to watch Final Destination but I was out cold after like 5 minutes since I'd gotten absolutely no sleep the night before and only like an hour on the plane. Wednesday morning we pretty much rolled out of bed and went to the beach. We took pictures and watched the pelicans do kamikaze dives into the water after fish. We took a break to have lunch and swam in the pool a little bit... and then went back out on the beach. At 5:00 that evening the hotel had the most awesome thing... Tito & Sue's Crab Racing. You pay $2 and pick out a hermit crab and then you name them and they put their name on the back of their shell. Mine was Jack, as in Captain Jack Sparrow and Matt's was Bootstrap. But they put them in the center of this circle that they draw on the ground with chalk, and then whichever crab gets out of the bigger circle first wins! They had some really awesome prizes, but unfortunately Jack and Bootstrap didn't fare so well against the others. The man that won a trip out to Buck Island though was a local so he wasn't really interested in it, so he sold it to us for $20. After the crab racing, we thought that we'd go check out the casino, but we walked over to it and saw a sign out front that said the gambling age was actually 21. Oh well, I didn't need to lose any money to slot machines anyway. Instead we went to this really nice restaurant they have in the hotel. I had the most delicious filet mignon, and you know it was good if I'm saying it is because I am not normally a fan of red meat. After dinner we hung around on the beach and chilled out in a hammock under the amazing millions of stars. Let me tell you, nothing is more perfect than lying in a hammock, a warm breeze on your skin, and listening to waves crash on the beach while gazing up at millions of stars through palm tree leaves. *sigh* I was falling asleep in the hammock so Matt dragged me upstairs and I struggled through the last part of the Italian Job and then crashed. Again, Thursday morning we made our way out on the beach, but we decided we'd take that trip to Buck Island, which is a coral reef national monument. It was about a 40 minute boat ride out that was really nice, and there were nice people that went on the trip too that we talked to on the way. When we got to the reef we learned how to snorkle and then went into the water. The water actually felt a little chilly even though it was 80 degrees, just because the air was like 90. But it was so amazing just looking at all these tropical fish beneath me. It was incredible. The best part was just as I was about to get back in the boat I saw a SEA TURTLE! It was absolutely perfect! I almost died! A REAL LIVE SEA TURTLE! I wish I had brought an underwater camera. Next time. After we were done snorkeling they took us to this beach on the island that was unreal. The sand was so white and the water so blue and there wasn't a soul on it. We had to swim to it from the boat and I felt like I was in some kind of movie and was like being stranded on an island. It was amazing. When we got back to Christiansted, which by the way is one of two towns on St. Croix I went into this jewelry shop called Crucian Gold where I ordered this knot ring. All of the jeweler's work is really beautiful. After that we went back to the hotel and had dinner. I had lobster. It was sooooo yummy. I need more lobster in my diet I think. But during dinner there was this little two man band playing... a synth and a guy on steel drums. Matt made them play a song and dragged me out by the pool to dance with him. After all, I did owe him a slow dance that never happened at the band banquet. Besides, I think this one wound up being much nicer. :-) After that we sat down at the bar and chilled there for the rest of the night with John, one of the coolest bartenders ever. He made me two awesome drinks... a VI Mongoose (VI stands for Virgin Islands) and a Nutty Mongoose. He also made Matt a great drink... it's called the Incredible Hulk and is party Hpnotiq and part Hennessy. Needless to say it was disgusting and put Matt on his ass, but he asked for it. We eventually said goodnight to John and went back to the room where I crashed and Matt puked and then woke me up to apologize for puking and being drunk as a skunk. Friday we started out the same as any other, out on the beach. It had absolutely poured overnight though so the beach was wet and the water was all sorts of stirred up. We decided to go into Christiansted during the day to explore and do some shopping, so we hung out there most of the day. That evening we went from Christiansted to Frederiksted to go watch the sunset (Frederiksted is on the western coast of the island). There was also a jazz festival/concert thing going on by the peir, too. The sunset was beautiful. I've never seen the sun set into the ocean before so I was pretty excited. The jazz was really nice, also. We called for a cab from the hotel to get us back though, and they said it would be 25 minutes. After 45 minutes had passed we called again to make sure we were in the right spot. They said we were and then another 20 minutes passed, so we called again. They said he'd be a few more minutes. So after an hour and a half, I start crying because I'm having an anxiety attack because I feel stranded and just want to go back to the hotel. Eventually the cab came, but not before I gave Matt a wicked hard time by freaking out. When we got back to the hotel we again went to the bar and then chilled in a hammock again for a while. We half had intentions of just sleeping out there because we wanted to see the sunrise, but we decided that since we needed to get up early in order to check out and that would best be accomplished with an alarm clock. We had intentions of taking an 8:30 shuttle into Christiansted so we could go on a tour of the island. There's a lot of interesting things on the island... a rain forest, a beer drinking pig, botanical gardens, and a rum distillery. I really wanted to go to the rum distillery, actually. Cruzan rum is made right there on the island. It's like blasphemy to ask for any kind of rum other than cruzan, but that's fine because cruzan is goooood. Mango flavored rum... <3 But yeah, the guy who does the tours never called me back to confirm so we decided to scrap that and again hung out on the beach until we had to check out. Our flight wasn't until later so we made one last trip into Christiansted to pick up some last minute suvineers. We got back, played some shuffleboard and then the taxi came to take us to the airport. They nearly had to drag me away. I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to leave the warm sun or the beach or John the bartender or the palm trees. I really didn't want to leave the palm trees. The airport in St. Croix was pretty aggravating. We parked our asses outside and attempted to fit all of our shit into our four bags. Yeah, we sort of acquired a lot of rum during our stay on the island so fitting it all was somewhat of a challenge. We managed to fit it all, despite a large fight with my suitcase. We went through customs declaration without any problems despite Matt getting too technical with the questions and bleeding on the customs form. I was a dork too, all like, "Could you please stamp my passport??" He did though. But we went to put our bags through the xray and the lady security person was like, "Which one of you is 21?" And I really considered just telling her I was but we eventually answered that we were both 20. She gave us a hard time about the alcohol despite the fact that the legal age down there is 18. But they said to travel with the alcohol we had to be 21, but said we could carry it as long as it was checked. So we struggle struggle struggle to get all of the rum into my already busted ass suitcase. We couldn't even get the zipper all the way open... it was stressful. And then the plane like didn't take off when it should've... the little turboprop. They had us all walk out to the tar mat and then they made us all go back inside. It was apparently just because the no smoking lights wouldn't turn on, but it still didn't make me comfortable, and neither did our seats right next to the propeller. Luckily the flight was short, but the San Juan airport is more annoying at night and when it's crowded. There was no place to get food, and I missed the duty-free shops before they closed so I didn't get my cheap ass bacardi. Oh well. Our flight was delayed so we had an even longer layover but we killed time with Upwords and Office Space. I pretty much passed out the entire way back to NYC. We arrived to my busted ass suitcase, frigid temperatures, and a forecast of snow. It took forever to get back to Matt's because the roads were bad, and I was exhausted so I stayed there for the night. The trecherous ride home the next day in a few inches of snow made reality set in real fast and even now the whole trip feels like some kind of dream. I miss it. It was incredibly perfect and I miss it so much. I just want to go back there. I miss the palm trees. I miss the palm trees more than anything, because there are no palm trees at UConn. It might make me want to be here more if there were, but not too much more. Actually, I'm indifferent about being back at school... it's hard right now, but I think once I start getting into the swing of things it will get better. Anyway... I do have pictures. None of them do the island any kind of justice, but I think you'll enjoy them just the same. Alright, that's about it. I'll probably have more pictures soon from the rest of break, too. Later, skaterz.



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Jan. 26th, 2004 05:02 am (UTC)
hey baby! Good lord am I jealous looking at all those pics. Glad to hear you had a good time. And I am still alive and I miss you!
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