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Damn, these years just keep flying by. Is 2003 really over? Don't get me wrong, good riddence. It was a shitty year, but a short one. So much happened and most of it sucked. Well, at least the parts where I did terrible in school and work, put myself into crazy debt, lost my first and maybe only real love, and have had to watch my family crumble and disintigrate. The rest I suppose was pretty good. I had a wonderful summer and broke out of my house. I joined a fraternity. I met so many amazing new people, all of which I am incredibly grateful to have in my life. There were points this year where I wondered if I would even make it until 2004, but my friends helped me pull through. I still am glad maybe there can be a fresh start with a new year, which will hopefully have less heartache and pain. If I have any resolutions it's to start taking better care of myself, because when it comes down to it, I'm really all I have sometimes. I need to start eating healthier and exercising for my physical health. I also need to start doing better in school, too. I need to stop flitting away my money. I also want to get more involved in church. I think if I can maybe find some peace again, that will solve a lot of things. Maybe prayer can solve a lot of things, too. Either way, I think the party tonight will be a great way to say so long to 2003 and bring in 2004. So, Happy New Year, skaterz. I'll see you next year.
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