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So grades finally came in earlier this week. I had originally planned on doing so much better than this semester, but realisitcally I did about as expected. It was a huge improvement over last semester, that's for sure. And I guess I'm pleased because I really could've (should've) done so much worse considering how little work I did this year, how busy I was, the fact that it was my first semester on campus, and all the shit that was going on at home. Anyway so here's the breakdown of my grades:

SOCI107 (Introduction to Sociology) - B - This is disappointing and exciting at the same time. My exam grades in that class were 80, 89, 89, so I know that I was so close to doing just a little bit better. But at the same time I didn't put a damn ounze of effort into that class. I went to less than 1/3 of the classes and the ones I went to, I slept through. I didn't do any of the readings, and probably only devoted about 2 hours of studying to the class the entire semester. So the B I pulled off is pretty impressive, but there's not a whole lot of reason that I couldn't have been a lazy ass and gotten at A in the class.

MUSI109 (Marching Band) - A - This grade was truly amazing. I know you're saying, how do you not get an A in marching band? Well, I only went to 2/3 of the rehearsals and the ones I went to I either came late to or left early from. And I missed a football game and two exhibitions. And to top it off, I didn't fill out one damn comflict form about any of it. Mwahahahahahaha...

BLAW275 (Business, Law and Society) - C - This is definitely the grade I deserved in this class. I was hoping for C+ though. He said he was going to weight our lowest exam grade differently so it didn't count for as much, but he never did. Oh well. I'll take it.

COMM130 (Mass Communication Systems) - C - Regardless of any grade I would've received in this class, I am fucking elated that it's done with. That class was the biggest pain in my ass. I was hoping to pull off some sort of B in this class, even a B- but no go. The final exam was such fucking bullshit. You could tell that she was trying to mess us up on every goddamn question. Fucking bitch.

ACCT131 (Principles of Financial Accounting) - B- - All I can really say is that Professor Gramling is my hero. My exam grades in that class: 68, 72, 72. I had 8 bonus points which get tacked onto your lowest exam grade. That is a borderline C-/C. I went to his office on Friday and he told me he was giving me a B-. I hugged the man. There is no way in hell I deserve a B- but he gave it to me just because he loves me. <3

ILCS147 (Intermediate Italian I) - B - Yeah, no way in hell I deserved that one. I didn't do that other composition, missed sooo much class, didn't take one of the tests, and I'm pretty sure I bombed the final. I hadn't taken a test that painful since CHEM127. So I really don't know where this B came from. I think she just took massive amounts of pity on me. I think hope she's going to be my teacher for 148. *crosses fingers*

So with all those in I wound up with a semester GPA of 2.653 which is quite an improvement over the 1.817 from last semester. It did drop my cum GPA a bit though, because I'd brought it up to a 2.735 from a 2.600 over the summer and now I'm looking at a 2.719. But it's still a B-. I'm really going to try to bring it up and not suck at my classes next semester. I kind of don't have a choice as like every class I'm taking is in one of my majors. Time to get my act together. And now it's time to get dressed and go crash the Swanson Christmas party. Later, skaterz.


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