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Finally, something good has come of being from home! I went out to the kitchen just now to make some hot chocolate and I opened up the microwave to find my Aunt Debby's apple pie! See, the fact that it was even in the microwave is just one of the things that I hate about my house now, but I suppose it's so the cats wouldn't eat it, because they would these days since they're starving to death. My poor kitties. But yes, anyway, I'm home. Unfortunately. I have been since Sunday night. We were kicked out of the dorms at 6:00 on Friday so in order to avoid a severe anxiety attack, I left straight from UConn and headed to Bryant to see my girls. That was a good weekend. Drinking and party hopping and wicked late night Junction runs on Friday. Saturday Courtney and I hit up the Emerlad Square mall and I spent like 8 years in Bath & Body Works. I think Courtney was going to kill me if I made her smell one more thing. But yeah, I spent a lot of money I don't have (and I'll be able to spend even more money that I don't have once my new credit card with a $6,500 limit comes in the mail... haha, no I'm just going to use it to transfer my balance from my other card so I can have 0% APR... no really, I swear) but it was still a good time. Saturday night Bacco came up to visit. We all went to see this really awesome singer/songwriter guy, Jason Levasseur. He was great. Had I any money on me at the time, I would've definitely bought one of his cds. Go check him out or something. He kicks John Mayer's ass. But yeah, we drank of course after that and attempted to check out this Pimps n' Hos party, but that was bust, so we just headed over to Junction to get food. Just as Bacco and I were in the middle of a chalk fight, I see Jim and Justin from my fraternity walk in the door! Talk about doing a triple take! That's like the last place you expect to run into people you know, especially people that don't go to Bryant! The weird part I guess was that when we were at Junction the night before (for the record, the BBQ chicken pizza was superior to the Hawaiian pizza) I was thinking about "what if I ran into someone from my fraternity" and Justin's name was definitely the first that came to mind. The world is so weird (and so very cool) sometimes. But yeah, we took our pizza and went back and chilled at the suite where I promptly passed out... and speaking of passed out, I'm like doing that now, so despite wanting to finish this entry that I've been meaning to write all week... I'm gonna finish it tomorrow. I actually have a lot of work to try and get done tomorrow afternoon when I get back from work since I've been decidedly unproductive all week. I'll recount the rest of my week tomorrow evening, though it's not like you're all sitting on the edge of your seats, dying to hear about my less than exciting life... Later, skaterz.
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