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So how many hours of not getting any sleep does it take for one to be certifiably insane? Because I definitely think I've reached that point. I was hoping to get a good nights sleep last night but between drama and an infestation of lady bugs that didn't really happen. You're probably like, "Infestation of lady bugs?!" Yeah... they're taking over our room. We closed the window so I'm not really sure how they're still getting in. That makes me nervous. I hate bugs, even lady bugs. The situation is definitely less severe than yesterday, but still. I would like my dorm to be bug free if at all possible. At least we Matt got rid of the bee's nest that was in our window yesterday. Yeah, bee's nest. Isn't McMahon great? Actually it still is despite the infestations. I mean, the hot water in the shower is back, so something had to go wrong in return, right? Keep things balanced. This week has been unbelieveably crazy. I had a shitload of assignments due, only half of which got done, and two midterms. I got a 75.48 on my BLAW midterm and I just took my COMM midterm yesterday, but I pretty much guessed on every freakin' question. Oh well. At least it's over. At least this whole week is over... but that is little comfort because even this weekend is going to be mad stressful. Jeff is coming home, I actually have to leave in a few to go pick him up from Providence. On top of that, I'm playing at Heather's wedding tomorrow. That's going to be scary. I just got most of the music yesterday. Heh. Nevermind what the hell am I going to wear? Also, I have this massive quiz for Delta Sigma Pi on Monday that I have to study for at some point this weekend. Ack...! I'm so screwed. Anyway, like I said, I need to head out to Providence now. Sorry this is so short... oh wait, before I go, let me also say that Bowling for Soup show at the Axis was awesome the other night. Lucky Boys Confusion was really great. I'm a fan. And then BFS just rocked the house. They are so great live. Unfortunately some creepy guys started talking to Val and I during their set so we missed a few songs. Grrr.. fucking creepy boys trying to get me to bring them to UConn with me. Ew. Anyway... really leaving now. Later, skaterz.

Go Red Sox!


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Oct. 10th, 2003 05:59 pm (UTC)
Hey, are you seeing Sugarcult at Empress Ballroom (I think that was a dumb question to ask lol). Do you know how to get tickets for that show? I tried Ticketbastard/Web and their website and I must be stupid cuz I can't figure it out >_
Oct. 11th, 2003 05:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I have no fucking clue. I'm going to get on that this week though. Call them I guess... I'd rather not drive all the way to Danbury just to get tickets, but if I have to I will. If you find anything out let me know... but keep the show on the down low, so tickets don't sell out! lol

Oct. 11th, 2003 06:47 pm (UTC)

woooo :)
Oct. 13th, 2003 06:46 am (UTC)
Stop sucking.
Dude. I didn't miss your sad little rally for the Sucks at the end of your post. Yanks are up 2 games to 1, Sucks morale is way down since Pedro got the loss, and Mussina is now pitching game 4. There is still time to join the winning side, Laura... or face my wrath! >-O
( 4 beeps — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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