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I feel like such a slacker as of late. Maybe that's because I have been. I still have done little to no school work, and it's kicked me in the ass hardcore already. Last week I fucked up so bad in my business law class just by not going on WebCT and seeing that I had to present my case. Yeah, I can do no better than a B in that class now. Way to start of the semeser, jackass. And as for the rest of my classes... I haven't done any damage yet really, but I've been slacking off and not doing the readings and such. I have been going to class though, save Thursday and Friday's Italian classes. I'm so lazy. Just like I've been lazy about updating this journal. I've been trying to keep up with my friends page, but it's been hard. I miss all of my little eljay buddies... Oh, so not to bitch about how lazy I was, I should mention that the Taking Back Sunday show was awesome. They were great except they didn't play for nearly long enough and while Saves the Day was really good, they played for foooorrreeeeever. I was so bored with them by the end of the show. But yeah, it was still a good time. I spent all my money at food at the gas station across the street cause I was going to pass out from hunger. We lost the football game, but it was still fun because it was soooo crowded. Sold out. Too bad the team played like shit. But no more band performances for like 3 weeks which is the shit, because now maybe I can have fun and get some sleep on the weekends, since I don't get any sleep otherwise. Rapps was one of the best rapps I've been to, and not just because my lil buddy wasn't wearing anything under his toga (!). I think it's because the weather was nice, we got fast rides, and it wasn't uber crowded. Todd, came, too! Yay! And we and Susan chilled at Amie's beforehand, and afterward, Matt, Amie, Todd and I got wings. Then of course we realized that Matt lost his wallet which sucked. Poor kid. We tried to help him find it in the pouring rain, but no avail. We fed him and gave him shelter just the same though. Hopefully it turns up at band tomorrow today. Damn, iit's late. I should go to bed and hope that there's not another 6:30 AM firedrill. I'll say that's the one thing I'm not a fan of in this place. Everything else, for those of you that were wondering, is wonderful. I love being on campus more and more every day (despite abundant amounts of sketchiness) and Susan is the funnest most coolest roommate anyone could ask for. Alright, busy day tomorrow... business law (I will be on time, damnit!), maybe working out depending on the weather, communications, stand by, marching band, and then stopping home to get some stuff and buy STORY OF THE YEAR'S ALBUM! EEEEE! So frickin' happy. But I'm stressed because I have mad work to do and I haven't done any of it... jesus, I suck at being productive. And now, with another wasted night behind me... I'm going to say goodnight. Later, skaterz.


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