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Wow, it's been so long and so much has changed, I really don't even know where to start. I've been so busy and distracted trying to get settled in up here at UConn that I haven't really had a chance to update this thing at all. And then the more time passed, the more the task seemed too great to take on. It's not like it matters though, because I'm sure know one even noticed that I was gone. But anyway, for those of you who missed it, I moved up to UConn two weeks ago and as of right now am starting my second week of the fall semester. Alright, I have way too much to say, but I'll see what I can do.

The first week I was here was marching band preseason, which is 12 hour days of marching and playing and sweating our asses off. Band was obnoxious as usual, but I'm less annoyed by our section than I thought I would be. The best part is, I have the coolest little buddy ever. Kind of funny that he's my little buddy, considering he's only like two months younger than me, and a good foot taller, but he's a freshman. And he's the best. I love him to death, but he is a trumpet player so that does put a bit of a strain on the relationship. Our music is decent, and not all that difficult, but our drill is boring. Our first football game was Saturday, and the team won 34-10 or something like that. The stadium was beautiful, but you can't hear for shit in there. On the field all I could hear was myself and the crowd. I think we sounded good, but I can't be sure. As for looking good... it was pretty ugly, but we'll improve I hope. The whole commute to E.Hartford was kind of a pain in the ass, and it took a wicked long time, but playing in such a huge stadium was a lot of fun. Not as scary as I thought it would be. It's raining right now and is supposed to rain tomorrow, so that might mean indoor rehearsal, which means a waste of my time. I really hate marching band sometimes...

Classes started last Monday. None of them seem too terribly hard, but Business Law looks like a lot of work. My professor is cool though. All of my professors are cool, except for my sociology professor... she is kind of a hardass. They all kind of ramble though, and don't really seem to teach anything. Except for maybe my Italian teacher. I'm not sure if the ramblingness of my teachers means that their classes will be easy, or if it means, I'll have to try and learn stuff on my own from the books. I guess I should put the books to use anyway; they were all rather expensive. I'm done by 12:15 every day so that's nice. It leaves me the afternoons for work (and marching band). I made my permanent schedule for fall semester the other day and I picked up like 22 hours. Hopefully it won't be too many. At least I can stop being poor though. I get to see a lot of my transpo people though, too, which is good because they are my favouritest people on campus. I heart them so much.

Oh, and, most importantly is my new surroundings. Susan and mine's dorm room rocks. It's awesome. We set it up real nice so we definitely maximized our space. It's cozy and I love it. I never want to leave. Living with Susan has been really good, too. We have fun and get along. Our only hangup is that she goes to bed wicked early, and I stay up wicked late. But she doesn't mind me being quiet and having a dim light on so I can do stuff which is good, so I don't think it will be a problem. I haven't met too many people on my floor yet, but the ones I have met are cool. I need to make it a point to be friendly with more of them. Our RA is cool, too. She's really nice. I like her. The bathrooms right now are gross because it's a holiday weekend so they haven't been cleaned in like forever, but for the most part they've been liveable. The food has been good, too. I've been making it a point to try and eat healthier, and I think living on campus has helped that. I will not gain the freshman fifteen, people. I also got my new computer, too, and it is beautiful. I love it so much...! I hope I don't ruin it. Eeep!

But, so far things are good for the most part. I'm really liking it here. I wish I got to see more of some people, but I think that will happen as we all start settling into the semester. Jeff left for Maine yesterday, which of course left me sad. And then I had to say goodbye to Kristina, too, who is going to be in France for a whole year. I hate being away from people. :( I don't, however, hate being away from home. And both times I've gone back (only to see Jeff) I was reminded wholeheartedly why I left in the first place. I am concerned however that my cats aren't being fed. I think Buttercream has lost like three pounds, which of course she needed, but she didn't need to lose it that quickly. I'm just worried about things going to hell at home while I'm not there. :-\ But I need to worry about classes here, and getting back my own life. Summer's officially over now (I can't believe it's really September already) so it's time to start new. Hopefully I'll have more time to update this once I start figuring out what my schedule is like. Anyway, I have class in 6 hours, so I'm going to get some sleep. I need to keep up my health and energy because I have four awesome concerts in the next two weeks. Juliana Theory with Count the Stars, then Brand New, MXPX, and Dashboard Confessional, and next week Story of the Year and then Taking Back Sunday. After that I have a bit of a break until crazy concertness starts up again in October. I'm excited. :) So yeah, going to bed now... I'll promise I'll think about updating this more often (not that you really care) and I'll even think about trying to write. Damn writers block. Oh, and work on getting my concert pictures up. hehe Later, skaterz.



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Sep. 2nd, 2003 05:15 am (UTC)
I missed your entries :) You've been busy, that's OK. I'm glad you're happy :)
Sep. 2nd, 2003 06:38 am (UTC)
laura's alive!!! haha kidding..

i'm sooo glad you are having a good time at school so far, it's the best experience in the whole world being here, i swear. we have yet to hang out still though!! party at my apartment on friday =D i will give you details on im and oh yes, yaaaay for concerts!!!! weeeeee!
( 2 beeps — speeeeeaaaakkkkk )
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