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Well, this will be my last entry from this computer for a while... or maybe ever. It's also my last entry of the summer, because it's now Monday, August 18th, the official start of band camp, and the first day of the first time I will be living away from home for more than a week. I'll be living on campus and for those of you who didn't get my email, you'll be able to find me at 734 McMahon South, Storrs, CT 06269. I can't believe that I'm really moving out tomorrow. It's very unreal, and all of a sudden I'm nervous. And more than a little depressed that my summer went by so quickly. It was an awesome summer, but May seems like yesterday. I'm not ready for it to be over, but I think if I spend another minute in this house I'm going to kill my mother. I hate it here, but... I'm just nervous. And I'm sure once I get there I won't be. But still, the nervousness is there. And now, Todd is going to be here in 7.5 hours and in that time I need to finish doing laundry, finish packing, sleep, shower, and load my car. Crizzap. I can't believe I've been packing all day and still nothing is packed. Packing is the devil. But I'm gonna go see if I can sort through which clothes I really *need* to bring to school *right now*. Heh. Next time you'll hear from me will be from UConn and hopefully from my brand new lap top. :D Later, skaterz. Enjoy the rest of your summer for me.

Get on the bus, it's time to go.


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