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Okay, so I really left the party this morning all sorts of early so I could go to Curves before heading off to Ben's, but here I am, reading my Friend's page and eating two-day-old chinese food. I won't have a chance to go again either before school starts. Damnit. I think I will pop in next weekend. I have to be home for Justin's wedding anyway. Yes, I'll do that. I will go next weekend, get measured, tell them not to take money out of my sovereign account anymore, and pick up some protein shakes. Will this plan actually take place? Only time will tell. I'm just about all set for move in on Monday. I was hoping to dye my hair before then, but I'm not sure if that will happen now. :-\ I need to put in this new desk lamp for my mom, and pack my clothes/shoes/accessories. Oh, and I need to flip flop TV sets so I can steal the one my mom uses as well as the DVD player. Other than that... I think I'm good. I actually picked up my piccolo the other day and could actually get a sound out. It sounded like shit, but... I could make a sound. I have a sinking feeling that marching band is going to really suck this year. haha Hey, at least if I'm negative about it, I won't be disappointed. Alright, time to go unload all my ish from the car (like my crazy awesome birthday presents), and head out to New Hartford and shit. I really was craving a breakfast sandwich but now I'm not hungry because I ate chinese food. Damnit!
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