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All I want for Christmas is you.

Quick drive-by posting! I will update you about everything with the move soon, I promise, but for now I just want to see who of you still out there want holiday cards! Gonna be ordering them soon, so want to make sure I get enough.

If you want one, just leave me your address. Comments are screened.

Also, my address has changed so if you want mine to send a card, just ask, or direct me to your card post. Later, skaterz!
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You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

We arrived in Los Angeles around 2AM on Friday. I'm so sad the roadtrip is over. I had the most amazing time, and I can't wait to do it again some day when we can take all the time in the world and not have to be rushed. I think we saw most of what we wanted to, but we were definitely really pooped by the end. We had drinks with laughingirl which was a nice surprise, and an amazing dinner at an upscale mexican restaurant, and both really enjoyed Zarkana. (ZOMG, so much better now that they changed the music! You could tell that they were still in previews cause there were a few hiccups, but it was still wonderful.) I got to feel like a real LA girl, showing Jeremy some of my favorite spots around town. Dropping Jeremy off at LAX though was like one of the saddest moments ever though, I was a mess on the drive home. And of course was stuck in traffic on the 405 despite it being like 11pm on a Saturday. But it feel silly cause I'm packing up now to head back home, so I'll see him in a few days, but it was just kind of symbolic.

I've accomplished a bunch since I've been out here! I got an apartment! It's adorable and the kitchen overlooks a courtyard and it's got good space and is clean and lovely and in a cute neighborhood and it's 2 BLOCKS FROM THE PACIFIC OCEAN. Yup, I win. Half my stuff is there now and they're going to fix some things while I'm gone, so I'll move in for real after Thanksgiving. I also had job interviews at Cedars-Sinai and USC. Both interviews went really well, and both positions sound awesome. So hopefully I won't be unemployed very long cause let me tell you rent on that adorable Santa Monica apartment ain't cheap. Also, moving is EXPENSIVE. But hey, can you really put a price on life experience? Okay, time for me to close up and head to drop some more stuff off at my apartment and then go to LAX. Flying into NYC to spend the day with athena2483 then to CT on Friday to finish cleaning up my life there. Boo to red-eyes but direct flight FTW! Later, skaterz.
barack obama// smile

...but it sure would be prettier with you.

First, in regards to the election, I got my "I Voted!" sticker from a polling place in Albuquerque which was mighty nice of them. I'm happy Mitt Romney is not our new president. I don't think any candidate would be able to make a difference in our economy at this point, but I can not get behind his social policies. I'm disappointed in CT's senate choice (but oh, well, I don't live there anymore!), but mostly I'm disappointed in Massachusetts for not passing the assisted suicide proposition. It was so exciting to have that on a bill in New England and now it's another 6 years before it can go back. :( But yay, no more political ads or phone calls from the DNC or annoying discussions on facebook! That's something we can all celebrate regardless of what side of the aisle you're on.

Second, I crossed into the Pacific Time Zone last night after visiting the Hoover Dam! I have to say the southwestern United States is absolutely stunning. The Nevada sky at sunset was incredible and the sunrise over the Grand Canyon was breathtaking. Everything about the Grand Canyon was just awesome in a very literal sense of the world. I spent the entire time just being like, "Holy shit!" and "OMG!" and "Wow, wow, wow, wow!" I've never seen anything like it before. So much love. And now we're in Vegas. We got in last night but we were too pooped to party. Had dinner at the Bellagio buffet (and thought of athena2483) because Jeremy has never been to Vegas before so he had to do a buffet. I had it in my head that I could show him like all of Vegas, but then I remembered that every other time I've been here it's been for like 5+ days. So, I'll just so him some. We're seeing Zarkana tonight (hoping the new music makes it amazing!) and then it's Los Angeles or bust! Time to paint the town before we go. Later, skaterz.
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It’s got mountains, it’s got rivers, it’s got sights to give you shivers...

Holy crap! I'm in Mountain Time! I've never been in Mountain Time before. But here I am, in New Mexico. And it's Election Day! Holy crap. How are we headed to the Grand Canyon today? This trip is going by way too quickly. Oklahoma and Texas were kind of monotonous. I think we did even more driving yesterday but didn't see much. Oklahoma City is not awesome, but the OKC Memorial & Museum was interesting. It was heavy stuff but powerful and beautiful. The rest of Oklahoma is boring and flat and there's too much of it. The plan was to do more back roads once we got to Texas, but even Texas's back roads are boring, and pretty much mirror the interstate but a 20mph lower speed limit. We did see a couple Route 66 icons, and we stopped in Amarillo and ate at a classic 66 diner. Downtown Amarillo is really cute, but by the time we left it was too dark to be able to see Cadillac Ranch. We're pretty much blowing off Albuquerque to get to the Grand Canyon by sunset, so hopefully there's nothing here, either. In fact, I gotta boogie. Don't forget to vote! Later, skaterz.
kristen bell// lightsaber awesome

...the one with the prettiest of views.

I can't believe how fast this road trip is going by! We're already in Oklahoma City! We spent the day in St. Louis and then put another 600 miles on the car. Just checked in to the hotel, the guy at the front desk was unsure whether we were checking in or out at this odd hour. Today was fantastic. St. Louis is a great city! We had brunch at a cool creperie and went to see the Gateway Arch for good measure. Then we spent our entire afternoon at the most awesomest place in the entire universe, City Museum. Like seriously, there's not even words to describe this place, and the website doesn't even begin to show it's true potential. We still managed to get some of Route 66 in today including a big landmark, Chain of Rocks Bridge. Didn't do as much as yesterday but we plan on doing a lot of backroads from here to Albuquerque. For now though, time to sleep cause I need to not have this cold develop into some full blown monster virus. Wish you all were here! Later, skaterz.
garden state// abyss yell

I got my ticket for the long way ‘round...

1,296 miles, 26 hours, one speeding ticket, one wrong turn, a lovely brunch with daydreamer and her mum, six pit stops, and seven states later, Jeremy and I are finally able to crash. I am having an absolute blast and I can't wait to get back on the road fresh tomorrow. But for now, I've never been so happy to be in bed in my entire life! Later, skaterz.

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Yes, I sent this.

Dear Hyatt Hotels,

I think it's hilarious that you have a link to "customer service" on your website when your company doesn't even know the meaning of the phrase, even when it comes to your platinum members. I just wasted an hour of my time being repeatedly kicked out of the passkey site to book at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta for Dragon*Con 2013. Despite being on the site at 10AM promptly, I would repeatedly be shut down at the end of the transaction for trying to book a room. Meanwhile, my friends were apparently able to just call and make a reservation with Hyatt's number. WHY ARE YOU USING A THIRD PARTY SITE WHEN PEOPLE CAN JUST CALL HYATT AND MAKE A RESERVATION?! And if this information is true you would think you might disseminate it to your most loyal customers first. I called Hyatt's platinum number only to be told I could not make a reservation with Dragon*Con. Oh and then was given some nice platitudes about how she'll pass on suggestions that the site needs to be improved. I'm really not sure how you get away with treating customers this way and I'm infuriated that I have wasted an hour of my time and still do not have a reservation and now am apparently unable to get one. OH BUT I CAN BOOK AT A HYATT IN BUCKHEAD. OH THANKS, "CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT" BUT THAT REALLY DOESN'T HELP ME OUT. Teach your employees to use their brain and actually do what they can to try and help out their customers. I would really like to hear how you plan to remedy this situation.

Unaffectionately yours,
Laura Bittner
Platinum Member
heroes// peter elle on bed

She packs her bags and plans to run away.

Downsizing is hard. I sort of had this idea that I could fit everything I needed into my car and just drive it across country, but now that's seeming like a really daunting task. Not the driving across country part, that's going to be awesome and I'm really excited about it. It's the getting all my stuff in to a tiny Honda Fit that's the stressful part. Not only is it going to take some top notch packing and loading skills, it's going to require me to seriously cut back on what I "need". I've been trying to organize and get rid of stuff... I went through my DVDs and CDs, already found a buyer for my couch, and managed to get all my loose scrapbook pages in albums. But I don't feel like I've even made a dent.

Parting with possessions is hard. I like my stuff! Just not enough to ship it all to California... So, anyone want some furniture or clothes or DVDs? Seriously... most of it's gotta go!

I've pretty much applied for all the positions I'm interested in and I was supposed to have an informational interview today with a hospital out in LA but the guy never called me. And I've been looking at apartments but it's still really too soon. No one is booking yet for November. But I do think I found where I want to live, but they're still doing construction! That's about all there is on the big move so far. And now I've got a headache and too much to do. Later, skaterz.
firefly// cupcake dress

It's like diving into a pool without water and praying for rain.

Sometimes when I feel lost and need some direction from The Universe I turn to fortune cookies. And stuffing my face full of crab rangoon. Luckily the two go pretty hand in hand.

The fortune cookie I got the other day:

Deep faith eliminates fear.

Universe, sometimes you are absolutely brilliant.

I've decided I want a life like a movie. I am sick of watching movies and television and wishing that was me. I don't need a fairy tale, though I suppose a happy ending would be nice, not to mention a prince charming. (At least let's just not have Joss Whedon script this one, okay?) I simply want epic adventure and sweep-you-off-your-feet passion. That's not too much to ask for, right? I'm going to start putting that out there and think about that with every action I take. I am going to need some seriously deep faith that it'll all work out. Or at least enough faith that I'll be okay if it doesn't. Time to dust off my reiki crystals...

...and unpack, shower, gas up my car, buy beer, and go to the post office before 2. Where does the time go? Later, skaterz.
dr. who// fire and ice and rage

I'll be back to pay the bills, but practicality may poison my joy.

I know this journal has been horribly neglected for some time now, and I'm not sure I have anyone left on livejournal to even read it, but yet sitting here on a flight home from Dragon*Con I feel compelled to write. Though, I don't really know about what.

This year has been pretty epic. I've traveled a lot. In fact, I feel like I have pretty much just been traveling since the end of June. Los Angeles, Chicago, Napa, London, Istanbul, Charleston, and now I'm on my way back from Atlanta (and definitely the most memorable Dragon*Con ever). London was for the Olympics, that is a trip I've been planning for years, and it was a huge bucket list item. I might be a little depressed that it's over though the glow of how incredible the trip was hasn't really faded yet.

This year I finally made the decision to move to Los Angeles. I've been talking about it for years, but I'm really going to pull the trigger. My plan is to be out there by Thanksgiving.

And sitting on this plane right now I feel like I'm crashing. I've been so distracted by just go-go-going all summer long that I haven't had time to realize what an epically life-changing decision I'm about to make. And I'm kind of like, "OMG WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?" And suddenly I feel extremely alone and full of anxiety. Maybe I'm just too exhausted and for too long have been deprived of nourishing food and exercise and any semblance of routine and it's finally all suffocating me. Maybe once I'm home in my apartment I'll feel better, but I sort of expect it to just feel as foreign to me as the hotel in Istanbul for how often I've been there the past month.

I know this horrible feeling is not going to last forever, and I know that moving is the right thing to do. I know if I don't do it, I'll be full of regret. Hey, and if it sucks? I can always just cut my losses and come back home.

But right now I just need to figure out some way to regroup because I have so much to do. I have jobs to apply for and moving plans to figure out and clutter and junk to get rid of. And friends to spend as much time with as humanly possible. Oh, and I think I have to work a bunch in there, too, like the 5 days I'm working next week. Ugh. Working five days a week is absolute rubbish. I love vacation, but it's a bitch when I come back and have to make up for it.

I already feel like I can breathe a bit better just having gotten some of this off my chest (or maybe it's the gin & tonic). I will be okay... I just need a nap. And maybe to write in here a bit more often. Later, skaterz.