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Jeff came over today. We talked. We're going to see if we can work things out this summer. So we're back together. But we're going to see how things look again before next semester. Neither one of us wants to be hurt again like both of us have been hurting for the past month. I'm happy though. I know some of you are thinking this is a mistake, and maybe it is, but I really can't ignore how my heart feels. I love him, and if you guys are my friends I know you'll support me no matter what I do. I shouldn't have to defend myself or my feelings. And I missed him. I think it's going to be a good summer. The weather needs to stop being a reflection of my mood, it's going to give me a god complex. It should just be sunny and gorgeous all the time whether I'm depressed or not. I should've spent more time outside today. Maybe I'll spend time outside tomorrow. It's supposed to be even nicer. I am really loving this new Third Eye Blind album. I want to see them so badly, but no one wants to go. Joe's still debating whether or not he's going, so maybe. If he goes, I'll go. No more grades have gone up. I hate this suspense. And the fact that I start classes again in three days. All I want to do is go to the beach and work on my tan. I should go attempt productivity since I'm finding myself with a bit of free time. Later, skaterz.
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