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I never imagined that 37 degree weather would feel so tropical. I could do without the 4' tall snowbanks and inches of slush everywhere, but the warmth is just so delightful. I practically don't even need my long underwear today!
Anyway, so here's a thought question for everyone... who cares less about my education: me or my parents? It's a tough call. Yesterday I missed my Italian class and my ECON lecture just because my mom wouldn't give me the car because she had to get to a doctor's appointment. My dad wouldn't rent us another car because he "didn't want to do me any favors" just because I "forgot his birthday" which I didn't. His present has been sitting at the house for a week and half now, wrapped, and I called him on his birthday and left him a message wishing him a happy birthday. And even if I had, you'd think he would do me the favor just so I could fucking GET TO SCHOOL. But no. Argh, my parents annoy the SHIT out of me. But yeah, one might wonder why I even care since I am the biggest fucking slacker in the world when it comes to my classes. Like waking up just late enough that I wouldn't be able to get to my math class on time. That's the one class that I probably need to go to, like I don't just sleep through the entire class anyway, but I really understand nothing. He's probably not surprised that no one has been there to get back the test with the big F on it. I did however in the time that I should've been in math class, do my econ homework and my psyc lab. And I actually went to eocn for the first time today to turn it in, which was a damn good thing because we had a quiz. haha I don't deserve to do as well in my classes as I do. I should be on academic probation, I really should. Though who knows how this semesters grades will turn out... *knocks on wood* Anyway, shit, I need to go drive a bus now. Hopefully I can make my stereo work today.
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