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...I don't remember much after that.

Well, I thought I'd right one last entry of 2002 while I'm waiting for my patry to get underway. This year has been pretty crappy except for a few really exceptional things... concerts, working at Transportation, my baby, and my friends... except for the ones things got really screwed up with. But for the most part this year has been pretty shitty so I'm happy to be getting rid of it. I am also happy to be getting pretty wasted tonight. That's my goal at least. Speaking of goals, I have some new year's resolutions:

1- Start being healthy. This isn't really for cosmetic reasons, it's for my self. I don't want to end up dying at age 45 like everyone else in my family. Besides, it'd be nice to walk across campus and not get winded.

2- Get back into photography. I really miss it more than anything. I should also really figure out how to use that digital camera of mine.

3- Stop sweating the small things. The little shit that happens in life just really doesn't matter. It's all about the big picture and there's just no use crying over spilt milk. I need to start living life to the fullest because frankly, tomorrow is never guarenteed. I need to start appreciating what I have and enjoying life more, because my life is actually really pretty great.

Anyway, I'm hoping people will show up soon because I think I'll definitely die of alcohol poisoning if I try to drink all this myself. So have a happy new year, everyone! See you next year.
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